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WWII - 1945, MacArthur Returns to Philippines; B-29 Bombing Burma; Hudson Frozen; Millrose Games, ca Feb45

Reel Number: 250045-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Burma,Philippines,USA

Location: CORREGIDOR,Hudson river,Manila,New York City,NYC,Philippines

TC Begins: 17:22:42

TC Ends: 17:29:49

Duration: 00:07:07

WWII - 1945, MacArthur Returns to Philippines; B-29 Bombing Burma; Hudson Frozen; Millrose Games, ca Feb45 Title: MacArthur Makes Good His Promise. Sd (no good) Street scene, planes overhead, people running for cover; smoke rising from beyond rooftops. Dead bodies in street. Japanese troops w/ Europeans & Filipinos w/ hands raised. Surrender / march from Corregidor. 17:23:22 Military officers & ?? shake hands beside train; CU MacArthur. 17:23:31 Mac. speaking SOF at dinner: “When I landed on your soil I said to the people of the Philippines...I shall return.” 17:23:51 Sailor on board ship, fleet in background. Mac w/ Admiral Nimitz looking at map on desk. Fleet; planes overhead. Plane crash landing & rolling off deck of carrier; another bouncing to stop. Ships at sea & landing craft. Troops wading ashore. MacArthur riding & walking ashore; US flag on palm tree; Mac past. Soldiers walking down littered village street. Mac walking followed by others; Filipino church; government building; city buildings. 17:25:32 CU MacArthur. 17:25:35 Title: B-29 Crews Hit Burma Rail Bridge. 17:25:39 Parked B-24 & B29. MCU unloading barrels of fuel, rolling across runway, pouring into wooden trough. Pump on pipeline into large storage tank. 17:26:00 B29 motor starting, CU. Planes taking off. Aerials of bombs bursting around bridge & city. 17:26:31 Title: War Shipping Tied Up By Icy Hudson. 17:26:36 Freighters in river ice, LS & MS. Bow thru ice. Tug boat thru ice past freighters; POV, ice opening / breaking. 17:27:27 5,000,000 Servicemen Want V-Mail. 17:27:29 Soldiers at mail call; bundled letters. Men sorting mail in post office racks. 17:27:44 Women feeding letters into copying machine; 16mm processing machine & removing film. Reel beside original letter & v-mail copy. Stack of mail bags; striped pouches holding same number of v-mail letters. 16mm microfilm into box. Copying machine printing V-mail copy from film. LS soldiers running towards camera, superimposed over envelopes. 17:28:36 Title: Millrose Games. Indoor track meet, Madison Square Garden. Sprinters in 60 yard dash, one falls & another pulls up. Spectators. Another heat run. CU winner. Five runners around banked track, finish. WW2; Victory; Bombing; Technology; Sports; Winter; Ice; Military Post Office; NOTE: Only useful sound on MacArthur.

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