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WWII - 1945, Philippine Operations, Tarlac Province, Central Luzon, 26Jan45

Reel Number: H1536-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Philippines,USA

Location: Manila

TC Begins: 11:23:25

TC Ends: 11:32:44

Duration: 00:09:19

WWII - 1945, Tank activity, Tarlac Province, Central Luzon & MacArthur Visiting Wrecked Japanese Aircraft, 24-26Jan45 Slate: 25Jan, Tarlac, Camera: Gae Faillace. 11:23:30 Large tank w/ bulldozer blade past MP directing traffic on highway in front of gasoline station. another tank & trucks passing. Highway traffic of tanks past wrecked buildings. 11:24:04 GIs & Filipinoes outside building, tanks & jeeps passing w/ dust. MCU Filipino men watch. 11:24:28 Slate: Same except 24Jan. Filippino men waving to passing tanks. MCUs. 11:25:28 Slate: Same. Jeep arriving at house, officers out & enter; leaving. Hatless MacArthur in dark glasses walking down long garden steps w/ other officers. 11:26:34 MacArthur & others inspecting part of airplane sections in field; accompanied by GIs w/ rifles. MacArthur pointing to ?? w/ President Sergio Osmena holding gun. 11:27:40 Slate: 26Jan. Gae Faillace. General MacArthur sitting in jeep talking to officer, five-star plate on jeep. Walking onto airfield among wrecked Japanese airplanes w/ Osmena & ??. 11:28:42 Slate: 25Jan45 M1 158 RCT Roll 1. Hone?man. Several different tanks off road up dirt thru brush, infantry following; firing. Advancing; MCU firing up hillside w/ explosions. MCU moving thru grass & past. One w/ bulldozer blade in front. GOOD. 11:30:50 Slate: same. Infantry walking across grassy uneven hillside, tilt up; view back w/ soldiers climbing up. Crouching thru grass. 11:31:22 Tanks passing on narrow dirt road. Across hillside. Tanks sitting, moving ahead; infantry following. WW2; Philippines;

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