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WWII - 1945, Santo Tomas Concentration Camp r2 of 5

Reel Number: H1536-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Colombia,Philippines,USA

Location: intramuros,Manila,Santo Tomas

TC Begins: 11:42:29

TC Ends: 11:52:12

Duration: 00:09:43

WWII - 1945, Manila Internment Camp GIs & others in yard of Santo Tomas. Large cloud of black smoke rising. Jeeps & people gathering w/ many soldiers; Filipinos watch from entrance awning & windows. GIs marching in as thin, freed inmates watch. Injured carried on litters. MCU of clock tower; CU damage to building. 11:43:32 GIs w/ rifles behind grass embankment. Vehicle w/ very bloody body hanging out. Other bodies. GIs running behind buildings. Many bloated bodies in street. Military vehicles passing. People applauding GIs. Wounded carried into building. General MacArthur out of building & shaking hands. 11:44:49 GI smoking beside army truck w/ building behind. Entrance & Filipinos into door. Military walking about. 11:45:19 Top of building w/ cross on tower. 11:45:24 Freed nurse walking & waving to others sitting in near banana trees while drinking beer in front of hut. Child drinking milk beside freed thin women smoking. CU adults drinking beer; children drinking milk. 11:46:39 CU man w/ large beer drinking beer. 11:46:52 LS across pontoon floating bridge, men working & pan along it w/ destroyed bridge behind. Men fastening parallel metal sections. Large construction truck backed along. 11:47:55 Filipino children & men wave from on top of riverside steps; tank w/ bulldozer blade across bridge; army trucks w/ troops crossing. Other bridges & military vehicles crossing, villages on river banks. 11:49:00 Roadside & GIs greeted by women & children, wave to camera. Women give flowers & goofing for camera. Road sign: Bigaa - Manila. 11:49:50 Jeep on several canoes polled across river by Filipinos; drives off. 11:50:05 People walking along concrete road carrying belongings, many w/ bundles on heads. Walk thru fields. 11:51:08 GI walks past dead body. GIs in single file along both sides of concrete road. Rest, given water & beer. GIs w/ 55 gallon drums in river building bridge. 11:51:53 Liberated men & women outside Santo Tomas concentration camp. WW2; Intramuros;

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