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WWII -1944, MacArthur In Battle; Chinese Pilots; London Fires

Reel Number: 250045-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: China,England,Papua new Guinea,Philippines,United Kingdom

Location: London,Los Negros,Philippine islands

TC Begins: 17:07:14

TC Ends: 17:10:10

Duration: 00:02:56

WWII -1944, MacArthur In Battle; Chinese Pilots; London Fires MacArthur on bridge of ?? w/ ??; 1st Cavalry soldier on ship. 17:07:28 Admiral ?? w/ binoculars, navy shelling Los Negros, various ships firing. MCU MacArthur w/ cotton in ears watching. 17:07:43 Landing crafts into shore; planes over, CU troops landing, running into jungle. Fighting. Black & White soldiers behind concrete foundation of building, 17:08:18 MacArthur walking w/ others in rain gear, view Japanese guns & dead. Shaking hands w./ soldiers. 17:08:43 Title: China’s Air Force Grows. 17:08:48 Chiang Kai-Shek & wife visit Composite Wing pilots trained in USA. Shake hands w/ American officers & walk past pilots & plane, inspect bomb bay doors. 17:09:23 Title: Nazi London Raid Routed. 17:09:29 Large fire burning in warehouse & water from elevated ladder used on it. CU burning window, firemen silhouetted; training hoses. View of rear of destroyed buildings & bomb crater. 17:09:52 Women & children talking to King & Queen; man, wife & girl holding chilckens; man w/ bandaged head wound; MCU Queen & King. 17:10:00 People clearing rubble from backyard w/ airplane rubble. Queen & boys. WW2; Damage; Newsreels;

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