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WWII: Philippines & Fighting on Villa Verda Trail; MacArthur & Osmena w/ MacArthur Speaking

Reel Number: 221501-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Philippines

Location: Luzon,Manila,Philippine islands,San nicholas

TC Begins: 20:17:58

TC Ends: 20:29:47

Duration: 00:11:49

WWII Fighting in Philippines; MacArthur & Osmena w/ MacArthur Speaking Aerial of mountains w/ snaking road-like Villa Verda trail. American planes, clouds of smoke & strafing or bombing. US Army w/ binoculars watching from hillside; 80mm mortars & artillery firing; GI on telephone giving directions. Smoke rising from hits. Explosions. GIs firing machine gun; others firing rifle. Japanese running hit. Men moving ahead w/ rifles, throw grenade. 20:20:53 GI near hilltop throws grenade into cave, runs down; explosion. Troops w/ flame thrower on hillside. Dead smoking bodies. Two Americans help wounded. Treating wounded & on stretchers to truck. Dead laying near crest of hill. Filipinos carrying supplies up winding trail & thru brush. Resting, tired. 20:22:50 Food & mail passed out. Dynamiting & widening trail w/ bulldozer. GOOD. 20:23:37 MacArthur’s military car arrives in front of Malacanan Palace, Manila Troops at attention, Mac & Pres. Osmena arrive, flags, 32nd Inf. Div. military band. 20:24:30 Sd. Interior. Mac to microphone. Overhead as he reads from notes: “More than three years have elapsed, years of bitterness...that struggle was not in vain, God has indeed blessed...” VO as Officers listening. 20:26:56 Si. Osmena at mic. Woman fanning, cameramen taking flash photos & men listening. Osmena & MacArthur posing. People moving about. Mrs. Osema w/ MacArthur. Mac w/ ??. 20:28:27 Si/Sd. Ext. Manila City Hall Mac arrives in car & out w/ ??, waves. On balcony to cheers; speaks SOF into handheld mic (first statement on Surrrender News): “I hope from the bottom of my heart that this is the end of the war, if it is it is largely due to your own splendid efforts. Very shortly I trust we’ll all be going home.” Turns & goes inside. Overhead of milling soldiers. WW2 Pacific Fighting; Horrors of War; Hero; Malacanang Palace; Speech; 1945;

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