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1959 - Cuba: Castro “Resigns” - Mass Demonstrations Show His Power Secure

Reel Number: 221555-16

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959,1950s

Country: Cuba

Location: Havana

TC Begins: 02:59:29

TC Ends: 03:00:43

Duration: 00:01:14

Castro “Resigns” - Mass Demonstrations Show His Power Secure 02:59:34 Seated at table talking w/ others. At table in tv studio w/ microphone visible & others at another table. 02:59:47 Mass demonstration down street w/ student demonstrators w/ placards. Student speaker. 02:59:59 CU Ousted Pres. Manuel Urrutia shaking hands w/ well-wishers. 03:00:11 Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado who replaced him 18Jul59. CUs. 03:00:24 LS tv studio w/ cameras in front of Castro at table gesturing. MCU speaking behind microphones w/ name card on table: Dr. Fidel Castro. Cuban Revolution Aftermath; Dictator; Revolutionary; 1959;

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