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1961 - Cuba: Castro Ransom - Tractors For Prisoners

Reel Number: 221555-38

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961,

Country: Cuba,USA,USSR

Location: Florida

TC Begins: 03:25:22

TC Ends: 03:27:03

Duration: 00:01:41

1961 - Cuba: Castro Ransom - Tractors For Prisoners 03:25:24 Havana Agricultural Fair w/ Soviet tractors on display. Men looking at equipment. CU sign re Tractor Sovietico D-159-B. Men applaud Castro in long shot. 03:25:52 MCU Castro at microphones gesturing. Men watching from grandstands. 03:26:22 Women, children & some men outside ?? Ten released captured Cuban-American men in camouflage pose for cameras. Driven off in cars. 1961;

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