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1961 - Cuba Invaded! Foes of Castro Open Offensive

Reel Number: 221007-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Cuba,Guatemala,USA

Location: Florida,Havana,New York City,United Nations

TC Begins: 23:06:52

TC Ends: 23:09:02

Duration: 00:02:10

Cuba Invaded! Foes of Castro Open Offensive VS two B-26 light bombers with damage seek asylum in Florida following bombing raids on military bases by anti-Castro Cuban pilots. Refugee pilot and crowd of reporters. Cuban Foreign Minister Olivarez ? shows group of reporters remains of rockets fired by bombers. UN HQ - Cuban Ambassador says the pilots were trained in Florida. Stevenson denies accusation - says no US aggression has taken place against Cuba. 23:08:18 Troops training w/ rifles in Guatemala - possible training centre for Cuban rebels. 23:08:42 MCU Fidel Castro speaking to huge crowd - violently gesturing. Cuban Revolution. Shot during Bay of Pigs; 1961; Invasion; Disaster; CIA; Anti-Communism; Cold War;

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