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AFN Special Report on Soviet Danger Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221451-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1983

Country: Afghanistan,China,Egypt,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Middle East

TC Begins: 07:31:05

TC Ends: 07:41:33

Duration: 00:10:28

AFN Special Report on Soviet Danger Pt. 2 of 2 Dr. Paul Holman, DOD Soviet Specialist interviewed on weapons says US ahead except ground forces technology. Soviets have been outspending us. Visuals of USSR mililtary exercises. 07:32:51 Technology theft, legal & illegal. Espionage explained by AF officer, Major Hudson; says it saves money on research. Rockets fired 07:34:34 Map of Soviet weapons systems locations. Illustration of SS-20 missile system “better than a lot of products in Europe at this time”. Other rockets shown; military exercises in arctic. AF officer talks about how Soviets are building many new missile systems since US stopped deploying Minute Man missile. 07:36:11 Holman: “they want crushing military superiority over the United States & all other possible enemies.” 07:36:24 Air Force Now Presenter at desk & standing up dramatically: “Today we see a nation who’s leadership is taking extreme measures in an effort to achieve military & scientific superiority; we have seen that a history of brutal, bloody invasions, internal rebelliions & the cumulative effects of Communist rule have forged a national character that perceives the rest of the world w/ fear & distrust. The Soviet response to that perception has resulted in a reversal of their historic role. No longer are they the victims, they’ve now become the aggressors.” 07:36:53 Soviet tanks in Afghanistan. Map of Afghanistan. Afghanis watching Societ parade. 07:37:38 Presenter: “Invasion & occupation; this is the Soviet version of global chess, making calculated moves in order to force defeat. But it isn’t a game.” 07:37:53 Middle East & views of Iran (?), crowded street scenes; man on camel past Sphinx. Map of Far East & China. Chinese troops marching single file across desert. Chinese laboratory & technicians. Major Hudson to camera. Soviet planes in flight; navy firing missiles & hitting plane. USSR using “American built base” at Cam Ranh Bay. 07:39:45 Map of Central America. “Believe it or not it was Castro, & this just happened a few years ago, who convinced the Soviets that now was the time to support the Leftists & Revolutionary Movements in the entire region, particularly in Central America.” “...lately we have seen the direct effort grow.” 07:40:24 Presenter: “Direct effort, direct involvement, deliberate oppresion in violation of International Law & basic Human Rights. Its a pattern that is all too clear; and a direct reflection of Soviet Doctrine in the International Arena. Today the Air Force &, indeed, the entire Free World is faced w/ a potential enemy whose continuing military expansion far exceeds the legitimate needs of self-defense...but we’re also facing an adversary w/ its own internal problems. The Soviet fighting man is not ten feet tall, nor are we impotent...” Cold War Fear; Military Equipment; Hardware; Soviet Threat; Anti-Communism; Stereotyping; Myths;

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