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Castro Cuba and Communism - Danger on Our Doorstep R5

Reel Number: 220765-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959-1960

Country: Cuba,USA,Venezuela

Location: Florida,Harlem,Havana,Key West,Miami New York,United Nations

TC Begins: 20:29:53

TC Ends: 20:41:48

Duration: 00:11:55

Castro Cuba and Communism - Danger on Our Doorstep An expose of Cuban politics, showing the rise and fall of Fulencio Batista, Roman Grau San Martin, and subsequent rise of Fidel Castro. Wreaths bearing hammer and sickle. Anti-Communist demonstration (small), troops on street. Meetings. Key West Florida - offices of Christian Anti-Communist Group - sign. Castro effigy hanged. Miami - Democratic Revolutionary Group formed - meeting. Manuel Antonio DeVerona ? former Cuban Prime Minister. Work in offices and radio of groups opposing Castro regime. New York Central Park - rally & fight between anti and pro Castro supporters. Man with blood on face. 20:31:34 Empty Havana hotels. Castro in television studio, Castro at desk talking to audience. Commentary explains that during broadcast Castro attacks Spain - shots of Spanish Ambassador Juan Pablo de Lojendio, Marques de Vellisca entering studio & restrained by crowd. Castro orders ambassador out of country. Anti-Spanish demonstration on the streets. 20:33:14 Newspaper offices interior presses (not running). Exterior Radio Continental. Exterior shops - signs re cigars. 20:33:36 Cuban Foreign Minister Raoul ? on visits to other Communist countries. Trade delegations from communist countries visit Cuba. Sergei G? one time boss of Russian spy ring in Canada who will become Soviet Ambassador. 20:34:21 Castro at microphone, May Day 1960 Rally - Che Guevara at mic. Cuban President Osvaldo Torrado at mic. Rally & parade. 20:35:?? 14Jul60 Havana harbor. Tanker of Russian oil arrives. Tanker Pekin damaged after collision in Med. Delegation of Chinese Trade Unionists visit. Delegation meets w/ President Torrado - they are there to make deal on sugar. 20:36:27 Castro watches rally. Castro attends Latin American Youth Congress - Raul Castro leads the applause. Castro at mic. Street demonstration - anti-American. 20:37:55 Sep1960 Castro arrives by plane in New York, small group of pro Castro supporters. Castro stops car by them but is moved on by New York police. Castro in Harlem - Khrushchev arrives & two greet each other surrounded by crowds. Castro at UN with Khrushchev. Castro makes speech at UN. Castro visits Russian embassy. Russian plane to take Castro & party home. Cuban farmer. Cold War; 1960s;

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