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Castro Cuba and Communism - Danger on Our Doorstep Reel 3

Reel Number: 220765-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1957-1959

Country: Cuba

Location: Havana,Santa Clara

TC Begins: 20:09:05

TC Ends: 20:17:51

Duration: 00:08:46

Castro Cuba and Communism - Danger on Our Doorstep An expose of Cuban politics, showing the rise and fall of Fulencio Batista, Roman Grau San Martin, and subsequent rise of Fidel Castro. Field hospital - medics treating injured rebels. Battle scenes between rebels and Batista troops. Batistas commander surrenders to Castro. Woman take photos of prisoners for publicity. 1958 Batista sends his troops to flush out Rebels in mountains. Rebel radio broadcast. 20:10:38. Havana - Sandbags and sniper on roof of Presidential Palace - interior Batista meets w/ press. Government troops preparing to fight Castro - tanks and bazookas. Castro addresses rebels - reel to reel tape recorder. Other rebel groups in Caracas. Cuba - rebels firing guns - Government aircraft - battle scenes. Castro men attack houses on outskirts of Santa Clara. Che Guevara and men enter city under attack by air force. Civilians into air-raid shelters. House collapses - women and children - injured rebels. Battle for Santa Clara over, rebels relax - Che Guevara greeted by civilians. anti-Communist rebel leader. Wounded woman - man putting cross on grave. Castro in group. 20:14:38 01Jan59 crowds celebrate Batista flight. Crowds attack government buildings - looting. Crowds wreck gambling casinos previously run by Meyer Lansky, US gangster. Riots on streets - woman having hysterics. President of provisional government Manuel Urrutia. Wrecked buildings. Cuban army troops arrest leader and join Castro. 20:16:42 Demonstrations - people with 26 July banners. Castro rebels arrive in Havana with captured tanks and army vehicles. Castro enters Havana - cheering crowds. Cold War; 1950s;

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