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Cuban Crisis (partial)

Reel Number: 220634-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959-1962

Country: USA Cuba Russia

Location: Florida Washington Moscow

TC Begins: 12:38:50

TC Ends: 12:48:58

Duration: 00:10:08

Cuban Crisis (partial) Jan 1959 Castro enters Havana in triumph - crowds - Castro at mic. Castro with Khrushchev. Russian ships en route to Cuba. Khrushchev pointing. Still Kennedy w/ Gromyko. Spy / reconnaissance plane over Cuba. Air Force rec lab - photos developed. Washington, photos being studied. Good shots photos of missile bases. Comings & goings at White House. Newspaper headlines re crisis. President Kennedy broadcast re Cuba. Capitol at night. Pentagon at night. Interiors Chief of staff offices. Sec. of Defense offices. Montage USAF base, troops arrive Guantanamo Bay, evacuation of families. Strategic Air Command. Pilot briefing. Polaris submarine. Aircraft bombs loaded. Bombers take off. Dispersal operations at national airports. HQ Air Defense Command. Flying radar stations (nimrod?) Montgomery Air Defense Sector. Interiors control room, radar screen. HQ Tactical Air Command - F-100 fighter aircraft take off from Florida bases. F-104 take off. F-105, RV-66 & RF-101 take off. 12:45:39 Exterior Pan American Union building. Interior meeting Organization of American States (OAS) - empty chair for Cuba. Aircraft carrier and other naval ships at sea. Troops, tank. AV Airfield. General LeMay inspects planes. General Sweeney touring bases. Animated map re quarantine. Military equipment and personnel onto transport planes. Various planes landing Florida. 12:47:52 Training film, fighter planes dropping fire bombs, explosions. SAC bombers in flight. Mid-air refueling. 12:48:46 Kremlin. USAF planes - ends abruptly. Cold War;

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