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Cuban Crisis, The

Reel Number: 221547-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Cuba,USA,USSR

Location: United Nations

TC Begins: 13:00:06

TC Ends: 13:06:09

Duration: 00:06:03

The Cuban Crisis 13:00:11 Stevenson speaking at UN Security Council, SOF: We now know that the Soviet Union, not content w/ Dr. Castro’s oath of filiaty, not content w/ the destruction of Cuban independence, not content w/ the extention of Soviet power into the western hemisphere, not content w/ the challenge to the inter-American system & to the United Nations Charter has decided to transform Cuba into a base for Communist aggression, into a base for putting under the nuclear gun; & thereby to intensify the Soviet diplomacy of blackmail into every part of the world. 13:00:55 Aerial ls of naval embargo; various shots. 13:01:13 Cuban artillery set up in street & military guards along shore; sandbagged positions by sea wall w/ Moro Castle in background. 13:01:44 Cuban military march; civilians rally w/ placards at night. 13:02:09 Castro in beret speaking at microphone. 13:02:16 US Air Force cameras w/ large lenses placed in nose of plane. Cameraman in plane. Photographs w/ missile base marked; surface-to-air missile base. 13:03:20 Ext. Organization of American States & interior w/ meeting w/ Dean Rusk. 13:03:51 US Guantanamo Bay, plane lands & soldiers arriving. 13:04:14 Ext of UN. MCU Stevenson sitting; Cubans sit. U Thant & others listening. USSR rep speaking. Stevenson SOF: I am submitting today a resolution to the Security Council designed to find a way out of this calamitous situation. This resolution calls as an interim measure under Article 40 of the Charter for the immediate dismantling & withdrawal from Cuba of all missile & other offensive weapons. It further authorizes & requests the Acting Secretary General to dispatch to Cuba a United Nations observer corps to assure & report on compliance w/ this resolution. Upon UN certification of compliance it calls for the termination of the measures of quarantine against military shipments to Cuba. And in conclusion it urgently recommends that the United States & the Soviet Union confer promptly on measures to remove the existing threat to the secrutiy of the Western Hemisphere & the peace of the world & to report thereon to the Security Council. Calling for immediate dismantling & withdrawal of missiles & UN observers. Cuban Missile Crisis; Navy Embargo; Nuclear War Threatened; 1960s; 1962; Cold War; Anti-Communism;

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