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Cuban Missile Crisis Background Footage (1962)

Reel Number: 221210-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Cuba,USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 05:12:46

TC Ends: 05:26:40

Duration: 00:13:54

Cuban Missile Crisis Background Footage (1962) 05:12:49 Title: “The United States Air Force” Cuban Crisis 05:13:07 Large crowd of people around Castro & rebels through streets at end of revolution. MCU past camera w/ Raoul. Speaking at mic & gesturing, people w/ placards & signs filling street. 05:13:52 Castro w/ Khrushchev & NYC police during United Nations meeting. 05:13:58 Very low aerial alongside USSR freighters during missile crisis. K. speaking in CU. Still of JFK & Brezhnev. U-2 in flight. US AF technicians printing & inspecting aerial photographs showing missile placement. 05:15:20 White House & arrival of senior government officials. Newspaper headlines. JFK speaking to nation (MOS). Capitol & other government buildings lighted at night. Doorway sign: Secretary of the Air Force; Air Force Chief of Staff; Chief of Staff; Chief of Naval Operations; Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Secretary of Defense; 05:16:42 Robert McNamara at podium. POV fly over of AF base; troops off plane; Hanger sign: Leehard Point Field. Operations room w/ huge map and tv camera. Animated map w/ lights. Briefing of pilots. 05:17:33 Nuclear submarine at sea. Loading bombs & rockets into planes and various AF jets taking off. Military VIPS out of buildings. 05:18:31 AF reconnaissance plane w/ triple tail, 4 motors & large radar dome. Sign: Headquarters Montgomery Air Defense Sector. Men at console w/ phones, radar scopes, maps. Tactical Air Command & jets launched. 05:19:34 Pan American Union ext., Organization of American States & Dean Rusk. Navy ships at sea, army troops, tanks, airfield & plane inspection. Military VIPs. Animation of jets intercepting incoming rockets. Loading equipment into cargo planes & taking off. Air Fields from air. Bombing practice by fighter jets. B-52 refueling. Kremlin. Stills. Cargo planes, parachute drop. NATO HQ. Pilots waiting in jets. CU K. speaking. Headline: “Khrushchev Orders Removal of Missiles”. Reconnaissance photo w/ identification of buildings. 05:24:29 Stills of missiles on freighter. JFK in car w/ AF Generals reviewing planes; fly-over. POV w/ motorcade. JFK pinning ribbon award on unit flag. Cold War; Atomic; Montage; Nuclear Threat;

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