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Isle of Youth

Reel Number: 221523-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: Late 1960s

Country: Cuba

Location: Isle of Youth

TC Begins: 18:46:40

TC Ends: 18:57:31

Duration: 00:10:51

Isle of Youth (no main title) The Newsreel - Radical Documentary - re Cuban community farm Women & get off truck laughing. Stills young people working on farm; crates of apples; loading plants onto cart and tractor pulling off w/ load. 18:48:07 Stills Cuban children. Kids playing at outdoor nursery. Women & men harvesting by hand (not sugar). Young people clap hands, drum & sing. Women working w/ cuttings, wrapping. T-shirt ‘Siempre se puede mas”. 18:49:49 Clearing ground for agriculture w/ bulldozers. V.O. re past use of island by Americans. Egg packing. Milking cows. Hoeing & planting in field. 18:51:40 Community center. Man reading, men play dominos, women’s and men’s dance classes intercut w/ men planting. Large tents for visiting volunteer families. Cutting grass w/ scythe. Workers served food at lunchtime. Fat man with cigar dancing. People listen to live music. 18:55:11 Classroom & adult students. Prison where Castro was jailed transformed into hydraulic engineering institute w/ students in class, doing construction work on building; military drill. 18:56:51 Still photos of armed women; crowd cheering & holding USSR Soviet flags. Still of Castro. Title: Filmed in Cuba by the Newsreel. Propaganda; Volunteers; Revolutionary Movement; Newsreel Films; 1960s;

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