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News Highlights of 1960

Reel Number: 220919-21

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: Algeria,Belgium,Chile UNITED KINGDOM,Congo,England,Iran,Japan,Morocco,South Africa,USA,USSR

Location: agadir,Algiers,balmoral,Caribbean,New York City

TC Begins: 02:38:35

TC Ends: 02:44:03

Duration: 00:05:28

News Highlights of 1960 02:38:52: Street clashes in Algeria, General de Gaulle and crowds 02:39:07: Black South Africans demonstrating against apartheid 02:39:14: South African Premier survives assassination attempt by white farmer 02:39:30: Rioting and army mutiny follows independence in Belgian Congo, UN troops arrive, pro-Communist Premier Patrice Lumumba seized by forces of Colonel Mobutu. 02:39:57: Student riot in Japan against defence treaty with US, parliament invaded, President Eisenhower’s visit cancelled, Japanese socialist leader stabbed to death by student 02:40:27: American U-2 spy plane crashes over USSR, pilot tried 02:40:50: Khruschev addresses UN assembly in New York; meets MacMillan and Castro 02:41:51: Castro in NYC 02:41:59: Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong-Jones 02:42:09: Belgium’s King Baudouin marries Spanish bride 02:42:17: Royal family at Balmoral following birth of Prince Andrew 02:42:23: Japan’s Prince Narohito born 02:42:30: First male heir for Shah of Iran 02:42:36: John F. Kennedy Jr. born 02:42:50: Earthquakes in Agadir, Morocco and Chile 02:43:15: Hurricane Donna hits Caribbean 02:43:18: Two airliners collide over NYC in worst air disaster 02:43:28: Blaze aboard carrier Constellation in NYC docks 02:43:37: JFK defeats Richard Nixon to become US President. News Review

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