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News Review of 1962

Reel Number: 221442-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Algeria,Cuba,France,Germany,USA

Location: Berlin,Havana,Paris

TC Begins: 10:38:18

TC Ends: 10:44:42

Duration: 00:06:24

News Review of 1962 Main title w/ spinning globes 10:38:31 Title: News Review of 1962. Tilt down to square in Havana, Cuba. CU Castro at microphones “Red puppet Castro & the Russians turned Cuba into an island fortress...” Overhead of US bomber; int. w/ man at camera; photo of missile site. JFK at desk, 22Oct62 (SOF): “To halt this offensive buildup...turn back.” US navy plane over USSR ships, CU covered missiles on deck. 10:39:43 CU barbed wire & Berlin wall w/ Communists building & expanding wall. Soldiers remove body; holding back crowds. West Berlin Freedom Bell tolling,US troops marching. Lucius Clay. Tanks in parade. 10:40:34 Arc de Triomphe, de Gaulle at desk speaking. Independence for Algeria. Pan over city, tanks & jeep thru street, soldiers along sidewalk, traffic. Ben Bella walking w/ crowds greeting. 10:41:07 India mountains & troops; crowds & demonstration w/ signs China Out. People turn in money & jewelry for defense effort. Bills, watches, Prime Minister Nehru speaking to large group, PM walking. 10:41:39 Eleanor Roosevelt obituary. Waving w/ FDR from White House balcony; w/ Churchill at FDR grave; CU talking to children touring home. 10:42:02 Vatican City, Pope John XXIII carried thru crowd at Ecumenical Council. LS. 10:42:20 Cape Canaveral launch of John Glen rocket, CU in space suit & greeted afterwards w/ LBJ watching. Street sign: Astronaut Way & ticker-tape parade (GOOD) up Broadway, riding in car. Scott Carpenter in car after flight; showing capsule to woman; CU of Walter Schirra, meeting JFK, in rocking chair, w/ family at W.H. Telstar satellite hanging & turning; diagram of bouncing signal from US to Europe. Other space vehicles & Mariner Satellite launched to Venus. The End. Astronauts; 1960s; NASA; Astronauts;

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