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Russian News of the Day 1961 #16 April

Reel Number: 221171-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,SOCHI,turkmania

TC Begins: 18:37:04

TC Ends: 18:47:15

Duration: 00:10:11

Russian News of the Day 1961 #16 April ‘Lenin is always with us’. Lenin museum, city celebrating Lenin's 91st birthday, people in exhibition halls, various paintings of Lenin. People look at historical documents, Lenin's Communist party’s member card. People who knew Lenin sharing knowlige w/ museums guests, CU people’s faces. Very long queue through Red Square to Lenin’s mausoleum. 18:38:43 ‘Khruschev’s reception’. Laos Prince Souvanna Phouma in airplane, reads magazine. At Sochi, Khruhchev & others incl. Gromyko(?) greet Prince Phouma on his official visit to Soviet Union, shake hands. Delegation enters building, sit around table, CU Khrushchev & Phouma. 18:39:29 ‘Press-conference in house of scientists’. Audience applaud as USSR scientists & Yuri Gagarin take places on stage, academician Nismeanov(?) presents Gagarin w/ gold medal, shakes hand, Gagarin shows medal to reporters, photographers take pictures. Gagarin makes speech (SOF), tells that he made this space flight to cosmos in name of his homeland, all Soviet nation and Communist party, applause. 18:41:01 ‘Towards 22nd CPSU congress’. Huge dam construction, workers up on girders, shots from various angles, big crane picks up 80 ton construction parts, construction truck along road over dam below. 18:41:51 Turkmenia, spring, man on donkey rides through blossoming orchard, sheep in the field. Tractor cultivating & planting cotton, CU seeds, man pours seeds into planter, tractor thru field. 18:42:28 High angle road through mountain woods, tractors dig pit for oil pipe line to Czechoslovakia, dir bulldozed out of the way, big pipe put in place, welding, men cover pipe w/ protective covering, high angle lorry carrying pipes on the road. 18:43:02 Moscow, photo exhibition of 7 year social work all around USSR countries, CU shots of various photographs, people looking at the pictures. Photograph of Khrushchev w/ big smile & white pigeon sitting on his hand. 18:44:03 ‘We are with you Cuba”. Cuba crisis. Shots of various newspaper articles featuring stories of USSR support to Cuba, people in big Cuba support meetings, all hold up hands to show they agree w/ Soviet government , demonstration protest march thru Moscow to US embassy; crowds w/ posters gather outside embassy, big line of police guards, various shots of protesters, shout out slogans: -”freedom to Cuba”. Large cheering crowd waving fists & signs. 18:45:44 Cuban flag, fragments from Soviet-Cuba movie. Soldiers get their rifles, shot of soldiers marching, night ralley in Havana (?), huge crowd in the big square. Fidel Castro on the podium, crowds cheer, wave their hats. 18:46:28 Movie premiere in Moscow’s Sport’s palace, audience applaud, on stage chairman Babarovnikov, Cuba’s ambassador and movie producer, Lenin prize winner Karmen, audience give standing applause. The End

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