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Russian News of the Day 1961 #22 June

Reel Number: 221171-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Czechoslovakia,Russia,Slovakia,USSR

Location: Bratislava,Moscow

TC Begins: 19:18:02

TC Ends: 19:29:10

Duration: 00:11:08

Russian News of the Day 1961 #22 June ‘On the way to Vienna’. Train arrives on platform, greeted by military guard, Khruschev off train, hugs w/ Czechoslovakian VIPs, applause, Khruschev cuts slice of traditional greeting - Bread and salt, lots of photographers take pictures, Khruschev w/ VIPs walks past cheering crowds & waves thru train window as train continues journey to Vienna. Shot of train thru countryside, cheering crowds in various cities greeting Khrushchev, all applaud, wave to train. Bratislava, night time, huge crowds greet Khrushchev, Czechoslovakian President Antonin Novotny on podium, wishes best luck in Khrushchev’s upcoming meeting w/ Kennedy, applause. Khruschev on the podium, public applaud. Khrushchev waves through departing car’s window, high angle long line of cars. 19:20:31 ‘Towards 22nd congress of CPSU’. Moscow, students in classroom in crafts class work w/ various metalworking machinery, boy speaks on camera (SOF) all production made in their workshop is present for 22nd Congress of CPSU. 19:21:34 Huge steel mill w/ men working; steam from chimneys, machinery, control panel room, shots of streaming molten metal & pouring steel. 19:22:38 Kremlin meeting to sign cooperation agreement between Soviet Union and Somalia, VIPs enter, sit at the table, CU chairman Mikoyan & Prime minister of Somalia Abdirashid Ali Shermake. Agreement signed by USSR ministers - Potolechev, Skotchkov and Zhukov & Somalian ministers, VIPs shake hands. 19:23:47 ‘Moscow’s International Film Festival’s Organizing & Directing Committee’. Group at table, woman goes thru movie star photographs. Committee members look at application forms sent by movie production teams from almost 50 countries, shots of Kino festivals booklet. Festival directors look at city’s decoration arrangement models for Festival days. Press conference for international media, USSR Minister of Culture Kurcova answers reporters questions. 19:24:52 People gather to see airplane in which Yuri Gagarin learned to fly in 1955 placed in museum. CU small aircraft, air force club’s head gives gift documents to museum’s director, demonstration statue on wheels w/ boy holding rocket on the top, motorbike riders w/ flags, air force students in parachutes march, other students march w/ big poster of Gagarin. 19:25:37 Moscow, British Trade Fair, various metalworking, plastic fabrication & textile machinery. 19:26:35 Tallinn, All-Union artistic gymnastics competition; female performs w/ ribbon. USSR champion’s performance. 19:27:35 ‘High prize’. CU Fidel Castro at microphone, huge crowd. Castro talks w/ military men, w/ children, surrounded by people. Cheering crowds, VIPs w/ Castro on stage, young Indian boy representative of Ecuador shakes Castor’s hand, applause, Castro greeted by sculptor Armando Gonzales. Fidel Castro at mic, thanks for Lenin Prize given to him; says its not just for him but for all Cuban nation.

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