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Russian News of the Day 1971 #41 November

Reel Number: 221165-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971,1970s

Country: Canada,Cuba,East Germany,France,Russia,USSR,Uzbekistan

Location: East Berlin,Havana,Moscow,Paris,UZBEKISTAN

TC Begins: 07:20:42

TC Ends: 07:29:50

Duration: 00:09:08

Russian News of the Day 1971 #41 November ”in name of World and Friendship”. Paris, Eiffel Tower, high angle of city. Inside Versailles Palace, Brezhnev & French President George Pompidou enter big hall, sit at table & sign cooperation agreement between Soviet Union & France, shake hands, officials applaud, CU of smiling Brezhnev. 07:22:05 Brezhnev on official visit in East Berlin. High angle city view. Brezhnev greeted by Erich Honecker & walk thru huge crowds cheering w/ posters of Brezhnev & Honecker. Motorcade accompanied by police motorcycles, Brezhnev waves from car window. 07:22:26 Delegates enter long meeting hall incl. Brezhnev, Gromyko & Honecker, talk, smile, cameraman behind Brezhnev. Sitting around long table. 07:23:07 October, Canada city street. Kosygin on official visit, w/ Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau shake hands & both sign Soviet - Canadian cooperation agreement. 07:23:56 Cuba, crowds wave flags, Kosygin on official visit to Havana greeted by Castro, enter meeting hall. Kosygin & Castro in car past cheering workers crowd. Castro & Kosygin make speech (MOS) in front of big crowd of workers, all wear hard hats, all applaud. 07:24:56 Angela Davis speaks at microphone (MOS), protests on street w/ banner on her shoulder. Shot of Angela in court, in handcuffs escorted in to courtroom. Moscow, Soviet Union House Meeting of Angela Davis supporters. People w/ posters, all applaud, cheer. Angela's sister on stage, clap hands & cheer. Various USSR youth representatives on podium. Speech by Fania Davis (MOS), public cheer, applaud. 07:26:15 Central House of Soviet military, 3rd All Nation War Veteran’s meeting, people up stairs, talk in entrance hall, CUs of veterans in uniforms. Communist Party Secretary Ponomarjov on podium,public applaud. Army General Batov on podium, standing applause. 07:27:20 Daneck region, heavy machinery factory, welding, big sparks. People work in newly opened homeware department, man makes big spoons, women pack production in boxes, various machinery used, women pack sieves. Girl between big piles of kettles. 07:28:02 Uzbekistan, workers thru gates of citrus greenhouse on collective farm. High angle of hot houses. Man waters lemon plants, cuts open lemon, weighs fruit. Lots of letters on table, man writes. Checks plant roots w/ his 2 sons, walks thru large greenhouse. 07:29:09 Moscow, Kabardina-Bulgaria Republic’s 50th anniversary concert. Dance group on stage performs fast traditional dance to applause. Trade; Goodwill Mission; Agriculture Research; Political Supporters; Black Panthers; American Communist; 1970s; Doiplomacy; Diplomats; Cold War;

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