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Selected scenes from Revolution Betrayed

Reel Number: 220765-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1960s

Country: China,Cuba,USSR


TC Begins: 20:41:57

TC Ends: 20:48:30

Duration: 00:06:33

0uttakes Sec. of State Christian A. Herter in press conference w/ Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba. Press cameras. Cuban women marching w/ rifles - Cuban soldiers in formation. Military Prison, exterior & prisoners in yard. 20:42:43 VS, Castro speaking - gesticulating from balcony. Castro troops marching & in camp in forest. Castro w/ his men heavily armed. Raul Castro w/ Celia Sanchez - Castro talking to rebel troops. 20:43:36 Red Chinese officers present medal to Cuban. Rebel camp Che Guevara and others. Guevara smoking cigar & teaching re weapons. Men marching with banners; another group of men waving large knives as they march. Prisoners being pulled in wagon by team of oxen. 20:44:22 MCU, Premier Castro seated behind desk. Raul Castro greeting Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev of Russia. 20:44:42 Fidel Castro ranting and raving as he speaks into microphone. MS, Adolf Hilter speaking from balcony. Book burning in Germany before WWII. Fire in Cuban street. 20:45:18 Large group of prisoners in the military prison. Show trial, Castro, Guevara and others on bench. Prisoners being shot by Castro firing squad. Brief shot unknown delegation. Military Prison riot. 20:46:55 Red Chinese in Cuba. Delegation met off plane. Chinese delegation in meeting room with President Torrado re trade deal. 20:47:15 Red Chinese invading Tibet, seat with shackles. Brief shot Che. Brief shot Castro w/ Khrushchev. Cuban soldiers receiving Red Chinese arms - looking at guns. Castro talking with his men. Men on the alert by AA gun. Gun is traversed. Cuban women w/ weapons. Anti-Communism; Cold War; 1950s; 1960s; Cuban Revolution; Propaganda; Anti-Communist;

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