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Spinning Globes title - Castro Triumphs - Havana Crowds Hail Success Of Revolt

Reel Number: 221550-46

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1959,1950s

Country: Cuba

Location: Havana

TC Begins: 19:24:00

TC Ends: 19:26:31

Duration: 00:02:31

Spinning Globes Main Title 19:24:14 Title: Castro Triumphs - Havana Crowds Hail Success Of Revolt Fidel Castro w/ others at table in Sierra Madre looking at map, CU. MCU soldiers & guns. Castro w/ rifle. 19:24:35 Aerial over Havana. 19:24:41 Rebels w/ rifles into Havana, MCU. W/ guns, on tanks in streets. Posing. 19:25:29 Carrying banners, cheering & fists raised thru streets; people w/ flags. Float. People on bus. 19:25:55 Smashing gambling table in street; smashed parking meter. 19:26:16 Newspaper seller w/ newspaper. Crowd down steps of Capitol & cheering. Cuban Revolution; Celebration; 1959; Heroes; Celebrity; 1950s;

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