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President Bush Meets with Coalition of Ambassadors on Desert Shield

Reel Number: 220716-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1990

Country: Iraq,USA

Location: Roosevelt Room, White House, Washington, DC,Rose Garden

TC Begins: 17:16:53

TC Ends: 17:31:11

Duration: 00:14:18

President Bush Meets with Coalition of Ambassadors on Desert Shield In Roosevelt Room of the White House Bush circles room shaking hands & starts speech. Seated w/ Dan Quayle & Bandar on either side of him. Photographers take pictures, President begins to make comments asking Ambassadors to thank their governments. Says Coalition is holding together very well; ambassadors are doing their part well to contribute to this. 17:19:22 Colour bars. Coalition Ambassadors posing for photographers in White House Rose Garden - Bush speech or statement re coalition against Saddam’s aggression remains deep & wide; some 28 countries... “Every country represented agrees that the twelve Security Council Resolutions make clear....” ...over 200,000 individuals have been contributed... It is really Iraq against the world...” We welcome Security Council Resolution 678... 17:22:40 ..there can & will be no negotiations for concessions & no rewards for agression.” Questions shouted. Bush talks about Hussein should withdraw from Kuwait. “I think he will realize...or all available means will be used.” Discusses Amnesty Report to be released in next few days.... talks of unacceptable brutality that is now going on. 17:29:20 “I’m satisfied that the Coalition...when we prevail we have the promise of a new world order; you have a revitalized United Nations, whose peace-keeping function up till now has been rather dismal...” Handshaking on the steps with some of the Ambassadors. Gulf War; United Nations; Diplomacy;

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