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Ballistic Missile Defense in a Changing World

Reel Number: 220535-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1992

Country: USA


TC Begins: 04:43:36

TC Ends: 04:54:49

Duration: 00:11:13

Ballistic Missile Defense in a Changing World Animated SDI logo Montage using effects - USSR missiles, etc. 04:44:46 President Bush speaking excerpt from State of the Union Address: “Looking forward I have directed that the SDI programme be refocused on providing protection from limited ballistic missile strikes, whatever their source....” 04:45:18 Animated globe turning & title: Global Protection Against Limited Strikes - GPALS. Split screen effect of “enemy“ missiles & threats to security: Russia & Libya. 04:46:42 12Feb91 President Bush at Pentagon news conference: “We know that this is a dangerous World .... nations capable of weapons of mass destruction on the increase.” 04:47:14 Title January 1991 - Turning Point. Patriot missile intercepting Scud missiles aimed at Israel. Continuation of 12Feb91 press conf.: “Patriot is proof positive that missile defence works .... “ poor quality pix from Gulf War, missile crater & recovered parts. 04:48:10 Animated map showing Third World Ballistic Missile Nations. Graphic showing how GPALS would work. Chart of satellites & Theater Missile Defenses. 04:48:52 Missiles fired intercut with animation including Brilliant Pebbles. 04:50:25 Partial screen sequence of SDI programme to date. 04:51:01 28Jan91 test at Vandenburg AFB of ground based interceptor rocket ERIS tests; animation of intercept technology. High speed camera footage of first test impact. 04:51:41 1990 test of model proving ability to lock onto plume of ballistic missile. Brilliant pebbles shown. 04:52:06 Laser defence technology. Laboratory tests w/ lasers. Field experiment of directed energy; tower exploded w/ lasers. Animation of sensors in space. Delta 1 AD (?) series animation. 04:53:13 Control center - technicians at maps & computers. Large screens. Graphics showing reduced costs of defense. 04:53:53 Henry E. Cooper, Director SDI, speaking re defense necessity. National Test Bed Media Lab logo. Strategic Defence Initiative; Star Wars; Propaganda; Department of Defense; Gulf War;

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