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Cold War - Historical Documentary: The Big Picture - Why North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? R2 of 3.

Reel Number: 300339-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950s,1955,1956

Country: Belgium,Canada,Czechoslovakia,France,Greece,Hungary,Korea,Netherlands,Switzerland,Turkey,United Kingdom,USA,USSR

Location: Athens,atlantic ocean,Budapest,DC,Europe,Geneva,London,Paris,Washington

TC Begins: 01:00:10

TC Ends: 01:10:24

Duration: 00:10:14

Cold War Documentary, 1950s - USA: NATO history, 1949 - 1956 Fade in and pull back on map of Europe w/ Russia dominating in area and Brussel treaty countries aka Western Union outlined. Animation showing inclusion of other countries on 04Apr49 including Iceland, Greenland, Canada & United States expanding to 12 nations known as North Atlantic Treaty Organizations / NATO. 01:00:48 Diplomats signing agreement; countries flags behind. 01:01:06 USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrey Vyshinsky speaking, gesturing, pounding lectern. 01:01:15 MS Korean refugees w/ belongings past. 01:01:28 Montage: Fighting in Korea. Framed pictures of Stalin & Kim Il Sung. 1950 Eisenhower as NATO head; Supreme Allied Commander w/ President Truman; Lockheed Constellation taking off from Washington DC National Airport, in flight & low over Paris; Ike greeted by French General; Paris scenic street scenes; boarding Air Transport; street & scenic scenes of Belgium, Netherlands w/ windmill & dutch women ice-skating on canal & pond. Barges on river. 01:03:13 Montage: Aircraft taking off for Denmark; harbor shot of Little Mermaid statue; waved goodbye & arriving over Norway. Mountain villages. London Parliament & Thames River; w/ military. Arriving over Portugal; Italy street scenes & handshaking w/ officials. Luxembourg & steel industry. Iceland. Canada. 01:04:52 Montage: Paris & hotel as temporary headquarters / HQ, military entering, greeted by Chief of Staff, General Alfred Gruenther & other military. 01:05:11 NATO training exercises: Jet and propellor aircraft; soldiers invasion exercise w/ Eisenhower & other nations’ members & staff meeting, planning; translator; 01:06:04 Montage: HA ext: Palais de Chaillot; int. & member diplomats meeting. 01:06:33 Montage: CU winch & cable, unloading supplies & troops from ships; airfield construction; officers & men entering new headquarters / HQ; flags of new member nations raised & saluted by sentinels: Greece, Turkey & West Germany. 01:07:34 Montage: Ridgway replacing Ike, & being replaced by Gruenther, Gruenther to Norstad. 01:07:54 Montage: Field training exercises, officers, soldiers, weapons. NATO delegates & meetings. 01:08:24 Montage: Heavy waves / seas; ships; antenna; large aircraft carriers & planes; artillery; tanks on trains; rockets on launchers firing & intercepted plane destroyed. Atomic cannon fired & mushroom cloud from explosion. 01:09:33 Montage: 1955 Geneva East-West meeting w/ Bulganin, Ike, Edgar Faure & Anthony Eden talking, posing on lawn & waving. 01:09:47 1956 Hungary w/ military wreckage in street; Budapest & street fighting against tanks; bodies; funerals & mourners. North Atlantic Military Alliance; Post-WW2; US Anti-Communist Propaganda; North Atlantic Treaty Organization Founding; Anti-Communism; Rioting;

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