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Save the Planet Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: 920006-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945-1979

Country: Japan,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Bikini,Black Hills,Hiroshima,London,New York,Pennsylvania,South Dakota,three mile island tmi,Washington

TC Begins: 15:36:31

TC Ends: 15:45:18

Duration: 00:08:47

Save the Planet Pt 11 of 2 15:36:39 Bikini or Eniwetok atomic bomb test blast. Zoom in on Animated earth, big flash, Title: The Atomic Age was born. Animated spinning atom, Food Atomic Style, two women in industrial kitchen, scientist in chemistry laboratory, scientists weigh chickens fed radioactive food; decide it has no effect & is safe. Nuclear submarine under water. Jimmy Carter at controls as Truman VO says “Armed strength, the free world must have it now.” Carter as though firing missile. Truman on track w/ cold war rhetoric. AV of Bikini explosion, London Ban the Bomb demonstration. Atom bomb explosion, blast effects of A bomb explosion, Bertrand Russell at demonstration; arrests. 15:39:03 VS people thru devastated Hiroshima after explosion. Remembrance gathering at Hiroshima, people praying. Eternal flame. Army chaplain tells soldiers in atomic test what an atomic blast will look like: SOF, “...it’s a wonderful sight to behold.” Blast w/ soldiers in Nevada. Pete Seeger on track sings “Mack the Knife” w/ new words. Shots of Capitol, AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) sign; soldiers standing up in trench & facing atom explosion. Long shot of atom or hydrogen bomb explosion. 15:40:55 President Eisenhower at UN Atoms for Peace speech. Shot of AEC building, a family food center to store atomically radiated food. Track plays Uranium song from 1950s. Animated uranium atom, man working remote controlled gloves, conveyer belt w/ buckets of uranium ore, miner holding up rock, radiation caution sign, uranium manufacturing footage, piles of yellow cake, old-timer man w/ two donkeys. Shot of Black Hills landscape to small herd of horses. 15:42:13 Native American & environmentalists march against uranium mining in Black Hills. John Trudell (Indian activist) on soundtrack, along w/ Winona Duke. 15:42:59 LS Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Power Plant cooling tower w/ setting sun in background. Children on soundtrack recount dream and real reactions to TMI meltdown over various shots of TMI exteriors & interior views of other nuclear power plants. 15:45:02 Animation w/ Ion the Neutron Batter, hitting baseball into neutrons. POV driving up to nuclear power plant. WS of nuclear cooling tower. 15:45:38 Overhead moving shot in plant & nuclear reactor. Scientist w/ geiger counter. Nuclear reactor control room. atomic worker putting on radiation suit & mask. People dressing in decontamination suits over anti-nuclear speech by Dr. John Gofman who appears in sync.

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