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1952 - Cold War, USA: Truman On Foreign Aid Needs; French Air Crash; Voice of America. Mar52

Reel Number: 220293-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1952,1950s

Country: France,USA

Location: nice,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 12:00:00

TC Ends: 12:03:12

Duration: 00:03:12

1952 - Cold War, USA: Truman On Foreign Aid Needs; French Air Crash; Voice of America. Mar52 Main title. 12:00:11 Intertitle: NATO Report - President Outlines Foreign Aid Needs. 12:00:17 CU 06Mar52 President Truman at desk w/ microphone. SOF: “These are its three interrelated parts: first, direct military assistance which is the biggest part right now; second, the contributions we make to support the defense efforts of other nations; & third, our programs of economic & technical assistance. This is not a program to carry the world on our shoulders. It is a program to make it possible for the world to stand on its own feet. The cost of the entire mutual security program I have recommended is less than 2 1/2 percent of our national output. And this country is raising its output by something like 5 percent a year. We can afford this program.” (edit) 12:01:09 “No, the real threat to our security isn't the danger of bankruptcy. It is the danger of Communist aggression. If communism is allowed to absorb the free nations, one by one, then we would be isolated from our sources of supply & detached from our friends. Then we would have to take defense measures that might really bankrupt our economy, & change our way of life so that we couldn't recognize it as American any longer. That's the very thing we're trying to keep from happening.” (edit) 12:01:41 “The program I recommended to the Congress today is a necessity if we are going to block the plans of the Soviet rulers to dominate the world. Make no mistake about it-this is the way we can strike the hardest blows against Russian communism.” (edit) 12:01:57 Intertitle: News In Brief. 03Mar52 Police, military (?) and civilians standing looking at & picking thru aircraft wreckage of Nice to Paris, France flight caused by jammed aileron control. Twisted motor & other parts on ground. 12:02:32 Intertitle: Washington, DC. Coast Guard Cutter Courier (WAGR-410) at dock. 04Mar52 President Truman walks up gangway for inauguration as Voice of America transmitter. CU antennas; officer walking among large electronic tubes in the radio transmitter room; engineer at electronic console adjusting dials. 12:02:58 LS covered platform w/ Truman at microphones; MCU speaking (MOS). Antennas. Operation Vagabond Propaganda Broadcasting; Anti-Communism; Anti-Communist; 1950s; Cold War; French Commercial Aviation Disaster; Radio Transmission; NOTE: If requested will provide 12:00:03 - 12:06:57 (2 cards) at per reel rate.

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