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Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 220345-05

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1910s,1940s,1950s,1980s

Country: Burma,Pacific,Scotland,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Maxwell AFB

TC Begins: 09:20:19

TC Ends: 09:29:51

Duration: 00:09:32

Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force Pt. 1 of 2 Fast Montage USAF from pre WWII early flight to Vietnam; to NASA Space Program, rockets launched. Incl. NY Times Headline: Senators Oppose the League of Nations. 09:21:14 18Sept47 Truman signs document creating separate Air Force. Still of first Air Force Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz. Interview in 1970s. 09:21:49 Jun82 Maxwell AFB gathering for Walk Through History (re military aviation) 09:22:14 WWI Sopwith Camel fighter planes on ground. WWI planes out of hangar and takeoff. Squadron in flight. 1982 interview w/ pilot, Col. George Vaughn, Jr. (SOF) re Sop with Camel. 09:23:14 Various military planes, 1920s, 1930s. 09:23:33 1941 Pearl Harbor, US pilots, explosions. 09:23::47 WWII Colour footage 305th Bomb Group arrive Scotland. ca 1980 interview w/ Commander Curtis E. Lemay re poor accuracy. 09:24:18 Bombing mission (B/W), variety of shots. CU propellers. In flight, bombs dropped, firefighters putting out fire. 09:25:12 Pacific fighter operations. John Mitchell describes ambush attack on Commander in Chief Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto (who suggested attack on Pearl Harbor). P-38s modified by ground crew, taking off. Japanese Air Force pilots. Mitchell SOF talking. Footage of 18Apr43 ambush by P-38s & attacking Jap Zeros. 09:26:40 1945, Col. Paul Tibbets re dropping atomic bomb on Hiroshima . 09:27:07 1980s interview. Actual explosion is probably NOT Hiroshima, but Nagasaki mushroom cloud. CU Enola Gay. 1945, Tibbets & others by Enola Gay B-29. B-29 bomb hatch opening seen from inside, then below & bomb dropped (not atomic). B-29, NOT Enola Gay, in flight. Tibbets interview. Hiroshima atomic blast. 09:28:28 14Oct47 (?) Chuck Yeager lands plane. Test pilot Frank Everest speaking (SOF) re speed of sound & Yeager. Yeager SOF talking about X-1 plane (breaking altitude record) dropping from B-29. Boarding X-1, view dropping, LS. Military Aviation History;

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