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WWII - 1945, Military Returning: General “Ike” Comes Home - Victor Over Nazis Hailed In Three Allied Capitals. Ca Jun45

Reel Number: 220469-32

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: England,France,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London,Paris,Washington

TC Begins: 04:05:11

TC Ends: 04:12:13

Duration: 00:07:02

WWII - 1945, Eisenhower Farewell To Europe & Arrival in USA. Ca Jun45 Intertitle: General “Ike” Comes Home - Victor Over Nazis Hailed In Three Allied Capitals - London. 04:05:26 ca 12Jun45 Eisenhower boards open carriage w/ woman in uniform & parades waving thru London in horse carriage; receives sword of Duke of Wellington from Lord Mayor at Guild Hall. MS Churchill & wife standing applauding next to Ambassador John Winant & wife. 04:05:53 Ike on outdoor speakers platform at microphones, SOF: “To every Londoner that has ever taken one of my soldiers into his home, I say you’ll always have my profound gratitude. To everyone who has smilingly directed one of my men to the Albert Hall or to Marble Arch I owe thanks also. To everyone who by his demeanor, his manner or any word or act of helpfulness has done anything for an American soldier I want to tell you one other thing. You have done something in cementing bonds that must always remain between your country & mine & into which scope must be brought Russia, France, China, all the other great countries that have helped to whip this Nazi & we hope will quickly whip Japan. (cheering) 04:06:51 LS of speakers platform; Churchill speech, SOF: “Ladies & Gentlemen, you have just seen & listened to the words of a great commander; (cheers) a man who has proved not only his capacity to organize & regulate the movements of armies but to stir men’s hearts & who has shown the capacity to make great nations march together more truly united than ever before.” Cheers. 04:07:38 MS & MCU Ike and Churchill shaking hands & posing. 04:07:45 Intertitle: Paris. Military ceremony at Arc de Triomphe honoring Eisenhower. De Gaulle decorates Ike w/ medal of Liberation & kisses / touches cheeks w/ Ike. Wreath laying at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & saluting. Into open car. 04:08:18 De Gaulle & Ike motorcade w/ POV past French crowds cheering. 04:09:07 Intertitle: Washington. 18Jun45 Ike out of military airplane & greeted by wife, Mamie & General posing on steps of airplane ladder. Ike standing in jeep w/ seated officers in motorcade thru streets of cheering crowds Ike waves. View moving up Pennsylvania Avenue surrounded by newsreel camera cars to crowd in front of Capitol & past seated wounded veterans in uniforms w/ flags. 04:10:20 Entering applauding joint session of Congress. 04:10:32 Ike speaks, SOF: “My imagination cannot picture a more dramatic moment than this in the life of an American. I stand before the elected Federal lawmakers of our great Republic, the very core of our political life & a symbol of those things we call the American heritage. To preserve that heritage, three million American citizens, at your behest, have faced resolutely every terror the ruthless Nazi could devise. (applause & edit) The soldier knows how grim and black was the outlook for the Allies in 1941 and '42. He is fully aware of the magnificent way the United Nations responded to the threat. To his mind the problems of peace can be no more difficult than the one you had to solve more than three years ago & which, in one battle area, has been brought to a glorious conclusion. He knows that in war the threat of separate annihilation tends to hold Allies together; he hopes we can find in peace a nobler incentive to produce the same unity. (applause) 04:11:46 Ike turns; leaving Congress. In Rose Garden, Truman awards Eisenhower the Oak Leaf cluster, shake hands. Ike poses. 04:12:09 End title - Join The Mighty 7th War Loan. WW2; Returning Soldiers; Hero; Celebrity; Military Leaders; Speeches; Guild Hall Speech;

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