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1910s, USA: Highland Park Assembly Line, ‘20s; Wilson, Ford & Ferris, 1916; Crowds; Model T; Plane; Driving

Reel Number: 221196-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1916,1910s,1920s

Country: USA

Location: Detroit,Highland Park,Michigan

TC Begins: 13:06:40

TC Ends: 13:16:23

Duration: 00:09:43

1910s, USA: Highland Park Assembly Line, ‘20s; Wilson, Ford & Ferris, 1916; Crowds; Model T; Plane; Driving 13:06:40 1920s Highland Park assembly line w/ overhead conveyor of parts; & Black & White workers moving engine & transmission castings on waist high conveyor. Camshafts & other parts hanging & moving past men assembling engine blocks, turning at end of assembly w/ transmission mounted; put on another conveyor. Fenders past hanging from overhead conveyor. Chassis, attaching engine & brakes. Radiator & steering column added & sedan body lowered. Model A’s (?) driven off assembly line & out of plant. 13:09:15 ca 1916 President Wilson w/ Michigan Governor Ferris & Henry Ford out of building w/ VIPs and crowds, straw hats, flowers & flags. Posing. 13:10:17 Crowds surging through entrance and alongside factory building seen from overhead. Some waving up at camera. Mostly men. Lower camera, men waving caps. US flag on pole, women carry umbrellas for sun. People gather outside factory w/ bunting for Wilson. Wilson in open car surrounded by many people. 13:11:57 Model T (?) chassis & motor on assembly line & crank started by man w/ machine. 13:12:46 Interior of large engineering hall w/ drafting tables; Int. of machine tool room w/ machinists. Both spaces lighted by overhead roof windows. 13:13:07 CU of gears at rear axle. Transmission shifting mechanism shown working. Interior of engine. 13:13:41 Airfield and large single engine biplane with twin cockpit taxiing up. The Air Service Needs You barely visible on side. Pilot out and walks toward camera unbuttoning heavy coat. 13:14:26 CU Pres. Wilson & others in top hat. 13:14:34 Ext. of factory w/ horse drawn wagon & trolley past. 13:14:45 ca 1916 Two men in open sedan by waterfall. Canyon w/ road in bottom and several open touring cars pst, seen from above. Women & men walk along. 13:15:25 1916 (?) safety film clip. Soft focus. Car nearly hitting pedestrians, policeman pulls over. 13:15:45 Two women driving convertible, man in convertible past, others thru residential area w/ wide streets. Automobile Industry; Inventor; 1916 Presidential Campaign; Tourists; Tourism; Air Mail Airplane; Ethnic Migration; Politics;

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