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1920s - USA, Recreation: Camping Trip; Postal Service; Highways

Reel Number: 220455-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s,1921

Country: USA

Location: Hancock, Maryland

TC Begins: 01:36:09

TC Ends: 01:45:47

Duration: 00:09:38

Ford Camping Trip. 21-27Jul21 (?) (Speed Corrected) Campsite w/ lawn chairs / guests under tent (brief). President Harding w/ Mr. & Mrs Thomas Edison, Mr. & Mrs. Edsel Ford, Mr. & Mrs Harvey S. Firestone Jr. 01:36:33 Henry Ford & Harvey Firestone share an orange, both wearing bow ties. Firestone & Harding outside tent w/ mosquito netting; Harding gets in, followed by Firestone. 01:37:50 Edison napping at foot of try, tripod visible; Harding walks up in bow tie, poses. Drinks from tin cup. 01:38:46 Father Reinhart talks w/ Harding & Firestone beside car. President w/ Edison. 01:39:40 Harding w/ Firestone & others look at horses tethered beneath trees. Harding helped w/ leggings, mounts horse; others riding include George Christian Jr. & Colonel Starling of White House staff. Cantering along gravel road toward & past camera. Celebrity; Celebrities; Outdoors; Businessmen; Entrepreneurs; Vacations; Recreation; 1920s; 01:42:12 Some of Uncle Sam’s Workshops - Excerpts (NOT speed corrected) 1910s Mail van in city street (?). Women workers in post office sorting mail. Letters time & place marked w/ machine. View from inside Post Office as cars drive out of building. 1920s Automatic Machinery; US postal service; Canceling Stamps; 01:43:19 The American Road - Excerpt (speed corrected) Note: Spliced sections so sound not continious. Shiny Model T (?) cars out of factory. Open touring Model-T bouncing over / thru muddy road. Truck stops stuck in mud, driver gets out, kicks tire. 01:43:48 Horses grading road bed; construction workers pouring concrete w/ large machine. 01:44:09 Cars driving on concrete roads past farms; traffic on divided highway w/ railroad or trolley tracks between lanes. 01:44:15 Women at sidewalk fruit & vegetable shop / stand, climb into car w/ purchases & drive off. Model T up to front of house, doctor w/ bag exits car & up steps, into house. 01:44:39 Aerial view of Pikes Peak’s winding mountain road w/ cars. Driving in mountains, overlook. Bouncing thru Redwoods or Sequoias. People in open car feeding bear by hand. Family in open car thru tunnel in Redwood tree. 01:45:23 Rest area or park by side of road & lake w/ swings, picnic tables, cars parked. Tourists pick flowers in field, napping in car. On beach in swimsuits. Vacation Recreation 1910s; 1920s; Outdoors; Scenics; Families; Advertising Educational Films;

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