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1921 - Ford, Edison, Firestone, President Harding Camping, Part III

Reel Number: 221685-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1921

Country: USA

Location: Hagerstown,Maryland,Muddy Creek

TC Begins: 04:23:20

TC Ends: 04:37:04

Duration: 00:13:44

1921 - Ford, Edison, Firestone, President Harding Camping, Part III Title: Part III 04:23:22 Inter-title: “Fording the mountain stream gave diversion to the horseback riding.” Four riders crossing still reflecting water, ride along far bank, enter stream towards camera, horses stop & drink. 04:25:32 Inter-title: “Back in camp after a three-mile canter.” Harding dismounting. 04:25:56 Inter-title: “Mrs Harvey Firestone, Jr., rewards “Harbel” with some sugar’” Horses hitched to post. MCU Mr & Mrs Edsel Ford sitting on platform. 04:26:33 Inter-title: “Stone stable companion of Harbel”. Man playing with dog. Dog chained to tree, cat arching back. Harding & others w/ dog. Harvey Firestone teasing dog. 04:27:30 Inter-title: “A piano, sent to the camp by Hagerstown business men, adds more gayety.” Man playing as others listen under trees. Couples talking; pose for camera. 04:28:17 Inter-title: “The horses are brought up for inspection.” Group looking at two horses. 04:28:49 Inter-title: “Mr Ford goes a-fishing w/ his son Edsel, Mr. Edison & George B. Christian, Jr., the President’s secretary.” All standing on grass in Licking Creek; Henry Ford w/ rod as others watch. Edison & Firestone each fish. 04:30:05 Inter-title: “The art of cranking a Ford ca by one who knows most about it.” Ford cranking car. Ford cooking pancakes as cook & farmer watch. Edison and farmer talking. Ford & others doing dishes. 04:32:30 Inter-title: Sunday in Camp - Bishop Anderson holds services in one of “God’s First Temples.”24Jul21 Sunday church service. 04:33:11 Inter-title: The President leads in the singing while Mrs. Firestone accompanies at the piano.” Singing & church services ending w/ hand shaking w/ locals. 04:35:29 Inter-title: “The Fourth Estate is well represented.” Men posing for photo. Harding says goodbye, shakes hands all round. Jul21; 1921; Summer Vacations; Camping Trip; The Vagabonds; Industrialists; Businessmen; Inventors; NOTE: This was first camping trip after death of John Burroughs. VERY GOOD PICTURE QUALITY.

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