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1923 - Railroad, Steam, USA: Unedited Footage from source 2 reels

Reel Number: 220452-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1923,1920s

Country: USA

Location: Detroit, Michigan,Wellston, Ohio

TC Begins: 22:13:15

TC Ends: 22:31:44

Duration: 00:18:29

1923 - Railroad, Steam, USA: Unedited Footage from source 2 reels Steam engine pulling passenger cars stops at station in town, a few passengers off & train departs. 22:14:14 Pan w/ man pushing wheelbarrow along railroad past warehouses or small factories. 22:14:40 LS & MS Men on platform waiting outside station. MCU locomotive back & forth, pulling filled coal cars marked Ford after loading, men ride on side of cars. 22:16:02 MS Man in overalls & cap pushing children on swing as two women watch & one drinks from well bucket. Same man, women & children in front of house w/ chickens in backyard; they walk into shed or barn. 22:16:32 View from in roundhouse of engine being manually turned on platform & locomotive changing tracks into roundhouse. 22:17:10 Locomotive raised & hanging, wheels only visible as workers work underneath, replacing wheels. Machinery; workers roll wheels. 22:19:36 Ext. Workers roll wheels from large stock outside into workshop. Int. Workman looking at connecting rods on sawhorses w/ locomotive behind. 22:20:03 High Angle / HA Pan of rail yard, scraps in low freight cars; steam out of chimneys. Other cars on sidings. Men moving about. 22:20:57 Station as train arrives w/ passengers on & off. Pan to station & truck passing on road. LS pan of freight cars parked in yard; warehouses & factories. 22:22:16 LS Pan Electromagnets on cranes above scrap; steaming furnace buildings behind. 22:22:47 View across frozen river (?), pan steam train w/ white smoke pulling coal & freight cars. 22:23:01 Work crew push small motorized railroad work car aka speeder / put-put / track maintenance car w/ covered bridge in background. 22:23:19 Pedestrians & a few cars past Wellston, Ohio Post office; town square w/ cannon cannonballs. Family in Sunday best pose for camera on porch, 3 men, woman 6 children & one baby. CU man in coveralls & cap. 22:24:01 Worker painting stencil on train carriage: DT&I aka Detroit, Toledo & Ironton 22:24:15 HA Pan small city center intersection w/ stores, parked cars to city hall (?). 22;24:31 Pan small factory or steel mill in countryside landscape, smoking chimneys; smoky haze in valley. 22:24:55 POV from train past small stations. Filling w/ water; coal. 22:25:52 Locomotive lifted from wheels for repair in workshop (very dark); moved by overhead crane 22:28:26 POV from train thru flat winter landscape, passing freight train, small stations, cars, horse-drawn carriage, buildings, other steam trains, telegraph poles. 22:29:57 View of passengers off train in station; other passenger train activity & trackside shots (stationary shots). Some good shots steam trains w/ black smoke. POV from rear of train across long steel truss bridge over snowy frozen river bank Transportation; 1920s; Railroading; Heavy Industry; Wintertime; NOTE: Henry Ford purchased securities & control of DT&I during summer of 1920. NOTE: Entire or partial sold at per reel rate.

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