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1928 ca - Ford Motor Company, Japan: Crates Arriving At Assembly Plant

Reel Number: 220447-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1928,1920s

Country: USAJapan

Location: River Rouge, Dearborn, Michigan,Yokohama

TC Begins: 15:16:07

TC Ends: 15:29:53

Duration: 00:13:46

1928 ca - Ford Motor Company, Japan: Crates Arriving At Assembly Plant Main title over artwork w/ Japanese characters. Japanese intertitle. 15:16:27 CU photograph Henry Ford posing. MS Henry & Edsel Ford talking w/ E.J. Cutler in field. Japanese intertitle. 15:16:43 Aerial of River Rouge plant. Ford Ore carrier underway. 15:17:16 Japanese intertitle. Japanese flags in breeze, tilt down to Ford Motor Co of Japan buildings w/ sign above. Sedans entering factory gates. 15:17:57 Japanese intertitle. View of factory & ships docked in harbor, pan w/ small sailboats, junks & ships. Steam engine pulling freight train past plant w/ empty cars & leaving w/ loaded flatcars. 15:19:39 Japanese intertitle. Japanese men & women employees enter factory. 15:20:19 Japanese intertitle. Ford motor car showroom, Japanese man enters, woman at reception desk; view out windows to partially assembled cars & cars inside. 15:20:56 Black. 15:21:03 Japanese intertitle. Interior, offices at Ford plant, Japanese men working at desks; dissolve to American office intereior w/ men & women at desks. Montage of advertising photographs. 15:22:19 Japanese intertitle. Pan of ship activity in harbor. Docks & ships unloading crates marked Ford into barges. Gertrude Maersk on side of ship w/ tug & barges passing. 15:24:00 Japanese intertitle. Barges docking at Ford factory & unloading large crates. 15:25:13 Japanese intertile. Interior warehouse, overhead crane moving large crates. POV from crane. 15:26:10 Japanese intertitle. Men at office desks; men walking thru warehouse past crates & look at opened crate. 15:26:51 Japanese intertitles. Men spot welding automobile body on assembly line & clamp pieces into place. CU sanding side panel. CU assembly line moving slowly. 15:28:47 Car bodies moving into paint shop on overhead conveyor & spray painted. 15:29:50 Japanese end title. NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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