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1930s & 1940s - Misc. Ford Footage: Striking Workers; WWII w/ microspotting; 1945 Birthday

Reel Number: 221685-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s,1940s,1945

Country: USA

Location: Dearborn,Michigan

TC Begins: 04:37:18

TC Ends: 04:49:08

Duration: 00:11:50

1930s & 1940s - Misc. Ford Footage: Striking Workers; WWII w/ microspotting; 1945 Birthday Striking Ford workers, union workers & wives standing w/ leaflets in cold as police watch. Women chanting or singing for photographers. 04:38:20 Men loaded into police vans. Traffic past overpass. Women w/ newspapers or leaflets lining walk to overpass, workers past; some take leaflets. View from overpass. 04:39:42 Men standing w/ leaflets by sign: Congested Area - Hawking - Selling - Distributing Prohibited. Crowd around foot of stairs to overpass; trollies letting off men; men w/ leaflets waving. View from overpass. 04:41:26 MS men boarding trolley or bus. 04:41:54 Clergy men reading newspaper. Note: above labeled by Ford Motor Co as 1937, 1938, 1941. 04:42:00 Empty plant interior & exterior during WWII production. Smashed glass on scale. Jeeps tested & rolled over, driver unhurt. NOTE: This section of reel has microspotting on the film. Probably not useable. 04:44:48 Tank thru brush. Some microspottting but brief shots without. 04:45:40 7,000th Ford Liberator airplane pulled out of hanger. Heavy microspotting. Not useful. 04:47:03 Henry Ford w/ ?? & military beside 5,000th LIberator (some footage NOT microspotted). 04:47:26 Henry Ford II & VIPs beside 8,000th Liberator (light microspotting). 04:48:04 1945 Henry Ford Birthday Party. Kids on bicycles. Henry Ford & wife arrive in polished Ford auto & get out, wave & pose as man leads crowd singing Happy Birthday. LS of people around car. Boy presents him w/ cake in car. Businessman; Inventor; Tycoon; Unions; Strikers;

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