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1935 - Cologne, Germany Ford Plant

Reel Number: 221688-18

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1935

Country: Germany

Location: Cologne

TC Begins: 10:58:23

TC Ends: 11:10:46

Duration: 00:12:23

1935 - Cologne, Germany Ford Plant Inter-title: Body Department. Men push body roofs on turn-table & grind & file welds. MCU. 10:58:49 Men spot-welding on chassis w/ large devices. Attaching roof to body held in jig; move on hangers. 10:59:13 Men grinding, filing bodies. Two men painting body; inspectors w/ lights. 10:59:47 Inter-title: Assembly Shop. Men riveting sub-assemblies. Lowering motor into chassis frame. Car & truck body moved by overhead crane. Dump truck bed attached to truck. Ford sedan off assembly line. Truck off line. 11:02:00 Inter-title: Lunch-time. Women cooking in large industrial kitchen. Serving workers down line; men eating at long tables, MCU & CUs. 11:03:00 CU clock 12:29, hand moves to 12:30. 11:03:05 Inter-title: Motor reconditioning. Men working w/ motors on assembly line, man places motor w/ hydraulic hoist onto assembly line. 11:03:22 Inter-title: Tool Shop. Men operating large tooling machines; vertical lathe (?). Toolmaker operating router or drill. Man at planing (?) machine. Man using microscope to set lathe (?). 11:04:17 Inter-title: Out of the Cologne Ford Plant’s Production. Factory gates opening & three sedans driven out; repeat w/ van & truck out. Dump truck bed raised by single hydraulic cylinder. Bus out of gates. Cars driven onto railroad cars & tied down. Cars & trucks pulled out of railyard. 11:05:39 Sedan lifted by hoist onto ship, harbor seen beyond, lowered into hold. 11:06:17 Inter-title: Pay Day. Line of men getting checks in factory. CU pay slip w/ deductions - German. 11:06:42 Two boys at desk w/ sister & mother who’s writing in account book / ledger. CU writing. Ration sheet? 11:07:02 Inter-title: Rations for a Decade. Loaf of bread, milk, sugar, fish etc w/ labels displayed. CU of writing in account book. 11:07:24 Men’s clothes on display in shop window. CU writing in ledger. 11:07:46 Inter-title: Henry Ford: “Onwards nevertheless”. Stone post beside river or ?? w/ writing: Und Trotzdem Vorward (?) Henry Ford. Pan to train across steel span bridge w/ collapsed bridge in foreground; cranes working & cathedral towers in background. 11:08:15 Underside of large highway (?) bridge, pan to show cathedral & ships on river or ??. LS of highway bridge. Chimney & men working on large wooden construction forms; trucks past alongside. 11:08:54 Inter-title: Executives. Men in suits at desk or table talking. MCU pan one to another. 11:09:38 Inter-title: Foremen. Two men at open hood of car; two others looking at machine cutting tool. 11:09:55 Inter-title: Workers. MCU eating & talking, laughing, happy. Various ages. 11:10:14 Inter-title: Health Service. Woman dentist working on female patient in chair. Female nurse taking chest x-ray or ?? of man, doctor watching from in front of machine. 11:10:41 The End. Industrialist; European Automobile Manufacturing; 1930s Germany; Politics; Nazis; Ford Motor Plant; 1935; NOTE: Sedan is probably Ford Eifel (sic), produced 1935 - 1939.

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