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‘57 Auto Drama - First National Show in 16 Years

Reel Number: 221693-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1956

Country: USA

Location: New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 20:55:26

TC Ends: 20:57:11

Duration: 00:01:45

‘57 Auto Drama - First National Show in 16 Years 20:55:31 High angle interior of New York City / NYC auto show w/ people moving among cars on display. 20:55:34 Escalators & sign: National Automobile Show 20:55:38 Model in swimsuit kneeling on DeSoto car hood as it turns on platform. Large working motor displayed w/ plastic covers. 20:55:51 Woman in white fur coat beside black hard top turning. 20:55:56 Model & mother (?) in hard-top convertible w/ tail fins on turntable display. 20:56:04 High angle shot of models beside white Buick; MCU beside car. 20:56:16 Man holds Cadillac door for woman; woman working on typewriter in car. Man pulls out drawer in car. 20:56:25 Dodge convertible & hardtops show by models. 20:56:35 Ford hard top convertible - solid roof folds away automatically into trunk. CU pushing button & top folding down. People watching demonstration. 20:56:52 Five men standing behind steering wheels including Henry Ford Jr. (?) & George Romney. 20:56:56 MCU Statement by L. L. Colbert, Chrysler president on future “...1957 will be a banner year for the nation’s economy & for the automobile industry in particular.” 20:57:07 LS of the display floor & people. 1957; Automotive Industry Promotion; 1956; Exposition; Inventions; Advertising;

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