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American Road, The Pt. 3 of 3

Reel Number: 221683-03

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1953,1920s,1950s

Country: USA


TC Begins: 00:18:23

TC Ends: 00:27:05

Duration: 00:08:42

Pt. 3 of 3 Montage: Flivver. Open sedan bouncing across / fording rocky stream bed; driving along rutted road; thru deep snow; across high railroad trestle running on railroad wheels. Driving up large water pipe. 00:18:44 Industrial montage: Iron poured; automated machines machining parts; pan large forming presses & removing formed sheet steel for automobile roofs; auto bodies & parts on assembly line & conveyor belts. 00:19:17 Page of family album w/ picture of Henry Ford, & walking outside of his home: Fairlane. MCU laughing w/ ?? Tinkering w/ steam engine on farm. Henry Ford plowing w/ early Ford tractors. 00:20:06 Sitting in office talking w/ two men. Watching Edsel leaving w/ friends to drive across country. Dancing in barn; camping w/ Harvey Firestone & naturalist John Burroughs, Thomas Edison & others. Cooking & eating. 00:21:24 Burroughs cranking Model-T & getting in, drives off. 00:21:40 Henry Ford washing clothes on rocks; eating at large lazy-susan table. Talking w/ Edison & Firestone. Henry & Edsel talking, walking thru factory. Quadricycle next to sedan. GOOD 00:22:24 CU photo of Henry Ford & album closes. 00:22:31 Woman out of mansion & chauffeur helps into leopard-skin upholstered car. Model-T pulls up to New England Cleaners & Dyers as chauffeured limousine pulls to park in front, Model-T driver walks up to admire. 00:23:00 Ford’s Fifteen Millionth Model-T body onto chassis on assembly line in 1927. Ford & Edsel in car. 00:23:20 Auto truck w/ clunkers to recycle, pulled into plant & scrapped. Crushed & moved by assembly line into furnace. 00:24:12 CU wheels of Model-T running along road. 00:24:15 COLOR begins. POV from car on 1950s four-lane mountain highway. CU wheel. POV thru highway underpass. Cloverleaf off bridge; elevated highway POVs across bridge. Along countryside,past plowing tractor & woman at large farm house. POV past apartment houses in summertime w/ women & children standing, talking. Past kids leaving school building & boarding school bus. 00:25:31 View past silhouetted driver past oil derricks; POV past large buildings in suburbs; tall office or apartment buildings. POV along road thru cuts in hills, above ocean beaches. 00:26:14 POV w/ 1950s car ahead passing Model-T on farm road; POV across long two-lane bridge over marshes. The End. Automotive History; Ford Motor Car Company; Staged; 1910s; 1920s; 1950s; Note: May sell any consecutive 10 minutes of three-part film at per reel rate.

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