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Das Vorwartsstrebende Detroit aka The Forward Movement of Detroit Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221688-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1929

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Detroit,Michigan

TC Begins: 10:21:31

TC Ends: 10:30:29

Duration: 00:08:58

Das Vorwartsstrebende Detroit aka The Forward Movement of Detroit 10:21:50 Man (German) towards camera on sidewalk in front of Ford Motor Company building; into Model A coupe, waves & leaves. 10:22:10 Same man in flying helmet & long coat beside pilot alongside biplane; climbs into rear cockpit. CU w/ pilot. 10:22:41 Biplane fly-by above ground & away. 10:22:54 Inter-title: Bei der Vorfuhrung dieses Bildes... Aerial over Detroit skyscrapers, river & ships. 10:23:47 Inter-title: Das Verwaltungsgebaude der General Motors und das Fisher Building. Flying over. 10:24:18 Inter-title: Henry Ford Hospital. Aerial of building & grounds; neighborhood. 10:24:39 Inter-title: Ford Motor Company Die Highland Park... Lincoln Werke Zweigfabrik... 10:24:55 Aerial over large factory buildings; Ford Tri-plane flies past. 10:25:09 Inter-title: Packard Automobil Co. Aerial of plants, railroad yard. 10:25:39 Inter-title: Hudson Automobil Co. Aerial over manufacturing plant. 10:26:31 Inter-title: Bahnhof der Michigan Central Eisenbahn. Railroad tracks from overpass w/ steam locomotive beneath pulling passenger train; freight train on siding. Aerial over railroad station. 10:27:09 Front exterior of classical columned architecture of station; people in front crossing street. 10:27:19 Inter-title: Detroit, eine Stadt von 1 1/2 Millionen Einwohnern. Street scene along busy avenue, pedestrians crossing in sunshine; buses, trollies / streetcars; cars. Sidewalk w/ pedestrians; crossing busy intersection. 10:28:06 Inter-title: Second Boulevard. Double-decker bus towards General Motors Building; cars, vans. 10:28:20 Inter-title: Die Ambassador Brucke ... Large suspension bridge over Detroit River from shore. 10:28:46 Inter-title: Das Detroiter Kunstmuseum. Building w/ a few people walking in/out. 10:29:10 Inter-title: Offentliche Bibliothek in Detroit. Low angle of large building. 10:29:28 Inter-title: Verkehr auf dem Detroit River. Large ore carriers w/ heavy black smoke passing. 10:29:44 Inter-title: Fehre, welche nach der “Belle Isle” geht. Large excursion boat “Columbia” w/ crowded decks, people waving. Leaving w/ much smoke. 10:30:16 Inter-title: Belle Isle Park. Aerial over. 1920s Travelogue; City Street Scenes; Automobile Industry; Americana; 1929l NOTE: all titles in German. GOOD quality aerials & street scenes.

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