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Ford 4-Cylinder Model A Motor & Assembly Line, River Rouge Plant

Reel Number: 221196-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1927

Country: USA

Location: Dearborn,Michigan,river rouge plant

TC Begins: 13:26:38

TC Ends: 13:32:16

Duration: 00:05:38

Ford 4-Cylinder Model A Motor & Assembly Line, River Rouge Plant Men viewing 4-cylinder Model A motor. Motor & transmission w/ sign No. 1 Completed Oct. 20, 1927. Others on assembly line behind. Henry Ford, Edsel Ford and others in suits looking at motor. Plate on motor saying #1. 13:27:55 Ext of River Rouge plant and huge conveyor over pile of over or coal. 13:28:18 Model A on conveyor, pulling cart w/ man on cushion attaching parts to chassis. Tightening bolts. Several passes. Wheels lowered by conveyor, man hurries back w/ cart. Men seen attaching wheels. 13:29:37 Ext. w/ train pulling car of steaming or smoking ore. 13:30:26 Int. tour past assembly line where men are attching parts to car chassis. Crowded assembly line; motors being added, fitted. Radiator fitted, dissolve to further in process as wheels being added. Motor assembly w/ parts on overhead conveyors, man takes off exhaust manifolds and attaching. Automobile Industry; Factory; Cars Assembled; Mass Production Line;

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