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Ford Cars, 1903 - 1917 Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221517-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date:

Country: USA

Location: Dearborn,Michigan

TC Begins: 04:17:55

TC Ends: 04:23:40

Duration: 00:05:45

Ford Cars, 1903 - 1917 Pt. 1 of 2 04:18:12 Moving Model T assembly line man putting wheels onto axle, other men around chassis. 04:18:29 Three men in early open auto in front of wealthy home w/ man at side of open right-hand drive car cranking, starts & he runs around & gets in; car moves off screen. 04:18:49 Early car on street in city w/ playground behind, traffic beyond. Car turns & passes camera CU. 04:19:02 Three cars at intersection, two as though in collision; policeman standing looking. 04:19:09 Ext. Henry Ford’s brick garage where quadricycle was built in 1896. 04:19:18 Closed car ca 1918 thru deep cut, past camera. 04:19:25 Team of horses pulling sleigh followed by car in snowstorm. 04:19:34 Open car on mountain gavel road past large stone marker. 04:19:44 Rural mountain village w/ cars parked diagonal. 04:19:54 Ext of large factory w/ four tall chimneys & Ford sign on large water tank. High angle of street cars & some cars, many workers waiting to board. Lines of men on each side of tracks waiting for trolleys. Trolly arrives, a few men off & it stops for people getting on from line. Dissolve to ext of factory w/ men leaving, cars on street. 04:20:23 Closed sedan pulling up to house in deep snow, pulls into driveway. 04:20:41 Two men in coupe sitting in front of large stone building; sedan pulls up to same place. Coupe pulls up to same place. Another convertible coupe sitting. man gets into Model T coupe (several times); also sedan & rolls up window. 04:21:37 Natives walking along road in tropical country w/ baskets on head, burros. 04:21:44 Cars along road lined w/ mature large palm trees. Many convertibles. Men in early open car (04:18:29 above) coming toward & passing camera. View away from camera w/ open rear gearbox, smoking from engine. 04:22:05 MS Closed sedan parked in snow w/ people in. Same sedan from across street & couple walk out & get into it, drive off. Large wealthy homes behind. Same car pulls up couple walks away along snowy sidewalk. Other shots, car pulls up & couple & another woman gets in; instructions given to driver & it leaves. Continued... Early promotional footage; transportation;

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