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Ford Motor Company Aerials; Arrival of President Herbert Hoover & Thomas Edison

Reel Number: 221688-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1929

Country: USA

Location: Detroit,Michigan

TC Begins: 10:30:42

TC Ends: 10:36:43

Duration: 00:06:01

Ford Motor Company Aerials; Arrival of President Herbert Hoover & Thomas Edison Aerial over Ford River Rouge plant & chimneys w/ long buildings. Rural w/ land scraped, some houses standing. Tri-motor passenger plane briefly into frame. Aerial over new plant construction w/ plane shadow. Aerial over large plant w/ smoking chimneys w/ large filled parking lots. Repeat from different height & distance. View along river / canal, bridge, docked ore carrier. 10:33:18 Aerial across railroad tracks, city buildings & neighborhood. 10:33:25 Ford Tri-motor alongside. 10:33:38 View across grounds of airport, tri-motor over. 10:33:56 Aerial of River Rouge plant, chimneys, river, ships. Air-to-air of Stout Airlines Ford tri-motor. 10:35:03 GOOD aerial over factory & smoking chimneys. 10:35:22 Row of Ford Tri-motors parked on runway in front of large airplane hanger. View of hanger w/ planes under construction, people walking, working. 10:35:44 LS of plane, view of others on field, motors running, taxiing. Henry Ford & others watching. 10:36:04 Rainy day w/ antique steam engine pulling cars into station; people waiting as train arrives w/ President Herbert Hoover & Thomas Edison. 10:36:22 Henry Ford, Engineer, Edison, Hoover & others posing w/ VIPs. Station sign: Smiths Creek. 10:36:35 Detroit downtown, crowd watching in rain 1920s Travelogue; Automobile Industry; Americana; Inventors; Politician;

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