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Golden opportunity

Reel Number: 220456-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1923

Country: USA


TC Begins: 02:12:55

TC Ends: 02:28:00

Duration: 00:15:05

Golden opportunity Ford Weekly Purchase Plan to allow everyone to own a car. NOTE: some shots out of narrative sequence. 02:13:50 Model T Ford on country road. 02:14:18 Man looks at cars on lot, gets into convertible; pulls out, down street. POV past pedestrians, sees friend on sidewalk & gives him ride home. Fishing on lake from rowboat. Talking in car driving. 02:15:06 Drops friend at his house; friend thru gate. Into kitchen: daughter, child & wife preparing dinner. Picks up boy, puts child down; takes off coat & rolls up sleeves. 02:15:59 Mother sells old papers to junk man on porch. 02;16:25 Women & children counting money saved in kitchen; Ford salesman arrives. Husband Bill comes home asks where the money came from. Boy says take it to the dealer & enroll us. Bill goes off w/ Ford man & family happy & cheers. 02:18:07 Bill, salesman & Ford dealer at Ford office. Forms filled in. CU forms. 02:18:55 Salesman & son drive home & into kitchen (out of sequence). 02:19:23 Son, Johnny, sells magazines to woman on doorstep. Daughter works selling vegetables at store. Entire family in kitchen, father reads paper & smokes pipe. Ad in paper for Ford purchase plan pointed out by Johnny to mother who shows it to dad. 02:21:22 Sister shopping in pharmacy. Johnny sees advertisement for Purchase Plan in shop window. Son playing mumbly pegs w/ other boys called to dinner; washes up. Family at table eating & talking. Father thinking & cut to man getting into car w/ family to go fishing. Driving past woods. 02:24:08 Father passes out money or allowance to family. Mother puts hers in jar. 02:24:47 Father at Ford office finishes signing papers, shakes hands with sales people. At work in factory complimented by foreman on good work. Eating lunch tells others about car purchase plan. (out of sequence) 02:26:06 CU Bill working on car motor (out of sequence). 02:26:16 Johnny mowing lawn, selling papers; daughter baby-sitting, taking baby for walk in pram; mother baking as kids watch. Family collects weekly savings for payment. Economics; Marketing; Selling; Automobile Sales; Henry Ford; Immigrant Family; 1920s Americana;

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