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Paper Mill - Strathmore Paper Company

Reel Number: 220456-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s

Country: USA


TC Begins: 02:32:31

TC Ends: 02:50:39

Duration: 00:18:08

Paper Mill - Strathmore Paper Company Men walking on gigantic pile of log sections. Int. men working on chipper machine feeding log sections into chute. CU man cutting wedge from wood w/ knife. 02:33:16 Large vat, workers lower heavy metal lid. Tilt down large tapered vat (chipper?), man turns wheel. Sheets of wood fiber thrown into liquid. CUs of fiber shown. 02:34:40 Rough paste, CU. Large vat churning liquid. Men at work on large paper rollers, machines; sweeping waste scraps. 02:35:29 Hillside, train across L-R, wooded & mountain landscape. Factory buildings in landscape. MS Strathmore Paper Co. factory. Pan across glass front. Train from R to L in distance on hillside. 02:36:24 Paper wood pulp in shreds in drum; opened & pulp falls out; CU hands tearing fibers apart. Picked loose & dumped into hopper cart. 02;37:34 Slate: Beaters. Carts pushed past vats; drums turning & tumbling. Pulp thrown into liquid vat; fluffed & swept into vat top; heavy metal lowered into top. Water pouring out of pipe into vat. 02:39:20 Large vat w/ pulp, men check consistency; rocking machine; CU other mechanical vibrating parts. Paper rolls, drawn thru rollers; rewound? Substance added for finish (?); details of large machinery working. 02:42:19 Men forking ?? into brine. Large tumblers behind. Women workers w/ white hats sorting & cutting shredded paper. Sheets of paper hung to dry. Hosing stacks of sheets. 02:43:36 Woman worker laughing at camera while sorting sheets; paper hanging & drying. Separating sheets & running thru machine. Pressing paper (?). Row of women separating sheets by hand, counting sheets. 02:46:01 Slate: Counting. MCU man quickly counting many sheets after flipping at angle. View of entire factory floor. CU paper sheets folded, stacked. 02:47:38 Shearing in “Undercut” machine. Die cutting into reams of office paper. Woman assembling ??. MCU die cutting. 02:49:38 Ext. New York Dock railway. Men & women reading newspapers, boys talking & playing game on sidewalk. 02:49:55 Mountain stream; man (Henry Ford?) drinking from it. Woman & man laugh as he falls in. 02:50:32 Fat man on seat of strange car w/ vertical steering; other men watching. Paper Industry; Production Line; Workers; Machinery; 1920s Mechanization;

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