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Post-WWII - 1946, Newsreel: D-Day 2nd Anniversary; NYC PAL Outing; Banana Harvest; Indy 500

Reel Number: 221747-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946

Country: Panama,USA

Location: Darien Jungle,Indiana,Indianapolis,New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 06:15:06

TC Ends: 06:20:19

Duration: 00:05:13

Post-WWII - 1946, Newsreel: D-Day 2nd Anniversary; NYC PAL Outing; Banana Harvest; Indy 500 Title: Eisenhower Says We Must Back Victory. Military Chief of Staff Ike seated at desk, SOF: “Two years ago on D-Day the American soldier again proved his outstanding worthiness as a fighting man. No obstacle could stop him, no enemy could withstand his outstanding courage, a determination, & will to win. We have yet to complete the job he so well advanced at such great cost; for victory in war is barren until a secure peace has been established. Young men who have not yet done their share must now come forward to help bear the burden. May the memory of what the American fighting men accomplished inspire in us a high resolve to see the job thru. We, whose strength did so much to win the shooting war, cannot afford to become laggard now. That we owe to every man who fell on D-Day & on so many other fields throughout the world.” 06:16:15 Title: Cops And Kids. Junior members of the Police Athletic Club walking w/ men; shot of large excursion boat / paddlewheel steamer Claremont on Hudson River, LS, MS & MCU. Passing aircraft carrier Midway & other navy ships. CU children eating; high angle two boys boxing on deck, other boys & girls cheering. Policeman, surrounded by kids, plays w/ frog. 06:17:16 Title: Refrigerator Fugitives. Choco Indians in breechcloths walking thru banana plants in Darien, Panama. CU cutting bananas w/ machete, carry to dugouts, take to village & unload onto barge. 06:18:30 Crowd past vendors entering Indianapolis 500. 1908 Buick, early Oldsmobile & other antique cars past race cars in front of pagoda. MCU Wilbur Shaw & Roscoe Turner; General James Doolittle & Henry Ford II. LS of cars & mechanics working. MCU spectators. 06:19:12 Starting w/ dust; following cars around track & bricks. Paul Russo crashes. Cars racing across finish line. Winner George Robson of Canada surrounded by crowd, waves sitting w/ wife on car Post-WW2; General Eisenhower; Charity; Juveniles; Central America; Auto / Automobile Racing; NOTE: Any or all sold at per reel rate.

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