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River Rouge Plant, 1929; 1930 Recycling Model T Fords; President Hoover w/ Edison & Ford ca 1929?

Reel Number: 221690-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1929,1930

Country: USA

Location: Detroit,Michigan

TC Begins: 14:41:44

TC Ends: 14:55:59

Duration: 00:14:15

River Rouge Plant, 1929; 1930 Recycling Model T Fords; President Hoover w/ Edison & Ford ca 1929? 1929 River Rouge Plant Ford Assembly Line - Engine castings (?) moving / hanging on overhead conveyor; moving down & along conveyors. Overhead of 4-cylinder engine blocks & workers assembling & moving them on conveyors. 14:42:36 Large bucket dumping iron w/ sparks. Bucket filled w/ liquid molten steel; large hooks from overhead crane move into place to hook & lift. 14:44:15 LS along w/ extruded rods moving along & moved across automatically. 14:44:46 Spoke wheels hanging from overhead conveyor. 14:44:52 Large grinding machine working w/ cam action to turn / polish crankshafts/ 14:45:16 Overhead shot of punch & forming presses, trimming & polishing machines w/ men feeding parts - fenders. Large punch press forming trunks & rear of cars. 14:46:03 Men working as overhead conveyor moves parts past assembly line. 14:46:21 Men moving assembled engine blocks onto assembly line from another. LS up line of equipment & workers. 14:46:49 1930 Ext. w/ trucks past w/ loads of Model T cars, vans & trucks for scrapping; unloaded w/ others, delivery man gets paperwork signed. Truck pulls sedan for scrapping off delivery truck. Tow truck hauls two cars for scrap past & into factory building. 14:48:20 Men taking wheels, glass & canvas parts from car while riding on it on slow conveyor. Remainder of cars cut up w/ cutting torch. 14:50:25 Car into crusher; crushed; moved out & another in & crushed. 14:52:19 Scrap metal of car bodies moved on into furnace; repeated. 14:54:22 1930 President Herbert Hoover & ?? riding in open car in rain, waving to crowds lining Detroit streets. On bunting draped platform outside ?? w/ large pictures of Henry Ford & Hoover above. Crowd w/ umbrellas. 14:54:48 Steam train w/ two American flags arriving in rain at station w/ platform filled w/ spectators. Edison & Hoover off train, pose w/ Henry Ford. 14:55:21 Edison showing laboratory to President Hoover & Ford ??; w/ assistant Jehol who pours ?? into equipment. Gas lights burning behind. Manufacturing; Ford Motor Company; Recycling; Celebrities; 1920s; Industrialists; Leaders; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. If requested 14:41:44 - 14:57:59 (2 cards) will be provided for per reel rate.

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