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The Fair Of The Iron Horse

Reel Number: 220940-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1927

Country: USA

Location: Baltimore,halethorpe nr,Md

TC Begins: 05:00:58

TC Ends: 05:09:43

Duration: 00:08:45

The Fair Of The Iron Horse aka Iron Horse Centennial Intertitles throughout 1/3 Baltimore and Ohio railroad centenary pageant 24Sep-16Oct27 Title screen w/ AV pageant site. Cars and bus pass through gateway w/ wrought iron banner “The Fair of the Iron Horse, Baltimore and Ohio Exhibition Grounds”. AV pan thousands of parked cars. Man in signal office; man pulls signal levers; AVs train pulls into station, two guards on platform. 05:03:59: Governor Ritchie of Maryland arrives by car, greeted by railroad officials and gives brief address to audience. Signal to start pageant given: tableaux-style review of history of North American transport starts. 05:05:00: American Indians of Blackfeet Nation - costumed chieftains ride past audience behind barriers. Intertitle: “They employed the crude, slow methods of travel of prmitive America”; VS women and children walk on foot w/ warriors on horseback; Indians carry bull-hide boats, carts pulled by oxen. 05:06:15: Parade float passes pageant audience in covered bleachers w/ recreation of missionary Pere Marquette on rocky outcrop blessing Mississippi River. 05:06:26: Costumed settlers on mock boat w/ model horses crossing river on journey West. 05:06:40: Settlers w/ ox-drawn covered wagons; steam train in BG. 05:07:05: 98yr old Ezra Meeker recreates 1852 journey over Oregon Trail, in covered wagon pulled by oxen, audience visible in BG brief. 05:07:12: Young people dressed as settlers on wagons. Mule-drawn covered wagon. ‘Kearsarge’ stagecoach loaned by Henry Ford pulled by six horses passes audience on covered bleachers. 05:07:49: Stagecoach pulls up outside mock-up of General Washington Inn; passenger disembarks. 05:08:31: Mock canal boat w/ settlers brief. 05:08:40: Henry Clay in period coach. 05:08:56: New England ‘Concord’ stagecoach w/ luggage pulled by four horses. 05:09:20: 1813 covered wagon w/ freight and passengers.

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