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This Was Yesterday - The American Scene Reel 2

Reel Number: 220898-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s

Country: Panama,USA

Location: New York,St Louis

TC Begins: 19:27:07

TC Ends: 19:40:06

Duration: 00:12:59

St. Louis Democratic Convention (1916). 19:27:27 Wilson at NJ home. Wilson acceptance speech. 19:28:19 Wm. Jennings Bryan. 19:28:44 Young Franklin D Roosevelt on cruise with snow. 19:29:13 NY, Billy Sunday tabernacle exterior and interior. Sousa. 19:30:07 Harry Lauder appeals for aid to Allies. 19:30:28 Sarah Bernhardt CU, then speaking.. 19:30:45 Joffre visits US - motorcade, then walking thru vast crowd, CU Joffres. 19:31:20 Pan down Capitol. 19:31:49 Henry Ford at the Capitol. 19:32:04 Thomas Edison with ?? 19:32:23 Jeanette Rankin suffragette (suffragist). Police push crowds back. 16:32:56 Sub Deutschland visits US. 19:33:11 Submarine firing torpedoes and under water scene. 19:33:42 Barham? sinking. 19:34:15 Lusitania survivors. 19:34:50 Sabotage scenes - houses burning, fire aftermath wrecked railroad, damaged shopfronts. Parade with cutaway of crowd. Welcome sign. 19:37:35 Family visits troops- officer posing for camera kissing children and wife. 19:38:06 Wilson on horseback reviewing troops & troops marching; troops down city avenue. 1910s; Celebrity; Celebrities; History;

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