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United News (Jap ships bombed; Service Woman & Wedding; Early Films; Italy Invasion Preparation)

Reel Number: 221405-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA

Location: DC,Pacific,Washington

TC Begins: 08:44:01

TC Ends: 08:53:11

Duration: 00:09:10

Jap ships bombed; Service Woman & Wedding; Early Films; Italy Invasion Preparation 08:44:30 Title: U.S. Navy Planes Bomb Jap Ships in South Pacific Following fighter dive bombing ship; explosions near. Other planes & explosions in water seen, one on bow of ship. 08:45:56 Title: U.S. Servicewomen Hail Spring From Coat-To-Coast Sailors, soldiers & military women walking w/ civilians around tidal basin under flowering cherry trees. Scenics & CUs. 08:46:33 Women pick daffodils in Washington State & military wedding among flowers of WAC private & Army sergeant as others watch. CU slipping ring on & kissing. 08:47:14 Title: 50th Birthday Of Cinema Recalls Historic Films. Edison at camera w/ Henry Ford watching takes picture of George Eastman. Mrs Edison showing Kinetoscope to ?? w/ film running thru seen from side. Lower Broadway & crowds. Teddy Roosevelt & Roughriders; in 1905 Presidential Inaugural parade. Women punching out time clock & others leaving factory. Beauty parade on pier ca 1910 (?). Lillian Russell modeling for camera. Early automobile family drive re-enacted. Early Market Street POV from trolley in San Francisco pre-earthquake. 08:49:48 William S. Hart into CU; Clara Kimbell Young & Sydney Drew in over-acted screen drama. Pearl White climbs out of window & jumps to next building. Ruth Roland rescued from runaway railroad. 08:50:29 Title: England Sees Airborne Troops Ready For Test Allied officers over relief map talking (MOS), paratroops into planes, taking off, C-47 interiors w/ paratroops lighting cigarettes. Eisenhower & Churchill on reviewing stand watching w/ others as parachutes open in practice exercise. Seen from inside plane jumping, many chutes seen from air & ground. Landing & dragged by chute; others descending. Sky full of parachutes. The End. WWII Military Newsreel; Propaganda; WW2 Compilation Film; Battles; Melodrama; Motion Pictures; Personalities; Celebrities; Marriage; Wartime Bride;

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