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WWII - Roosevelt Visits Sherman Tank Factory

Reel Number: 250021-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: USA


TC Begins: 17:01:25

TC Ends: 17:10:55

Duration: 00:09:30

WWII - Roosevelt Visits Sherman Tank Factory President in open limousine full of military & civilian VIPs w/ Secret Service on running boards out of building, stops. ECU smiling FDR talking. Others talking. 17:02:10 US flag & ?/ flag on pole, large tall building behind. Blanket wrapped around FDR shoulders in car alongside passenger train, industrialists sitting in car, laughing & smiling w/ FDR. Shots of FDR sitting on back of car seat; car along building & inside. 17:03:17 FDR w/ others in car including Eleanor outside small rural church. Eleanor standing outside car, factory. FDR in car thru manufacturing plant past four-engine bombers. Motorcade past tanks in building. 17:04:45 Workers in front of bombers partially assembled, pan to FDR’s car. 17:05:02 Henry Ford w/ Eleanor & others beside empty car. FDR, Ford, Eleanor in car in sun. Driving thru airplane factory, waving to workers. Parked beside tank. 17:06:15 Large tank lifted by overhead hoist, swung above & lowered onto flatcar. 17:06:37 FDR & others sitting talking in car outside factory, tank past in background. 17:06:55 Many tanks on field moving at high speed. MCU over obstacle course of mud etc. as FDR watches from car. Tank stops close to car. 17:07:50 Int. factory; car in; FDR talking to ??. Various views outside & inside factory buildings. WW2 Manufacturing; Homefront; Military Industry Inspection;

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